Lindsay Lohan: Bruises and Blonde Hair

Lindsay Lohan is a successful actress and pop singer. She started working as a model at the age of 3 and everybody saw her as a lovely kid until, at around 16, her body started to change and nobody could help noticing that she was turning into a beautiful woman.

She soon got rid of the teenage clothes that had been accompanying her throughout her adolescence and switched to a more aggressive, sexier style.

Her freckles and natural red hair have always been her particularity, even though someone must have convinced her that she looks better with blonde hair. Most people don’t seem to agree with that “someone”, as now that she’s blonde, Lindsay looks just the same as many other Hollywood Barbie dolls.

While we wait for someone to talk some sense into Lindsay and make her understand that she looked way better before she dyed blonde, let us gossip about her fashion sense.

Lindsay Lohan seems to be one of the very few celebrities who are aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Judging from these pictures, it is evident that Lindsay knows what colours flatter her pale skin and red (now blonde) hair best.

Fair skinned redheads and blondes look simply great and sophisticated in dark and bold colours, such as navy blue, black, emerald green and purple. Where Lindsay gets the bruises she sometimes shows off is still a mystery, but one thing’s for sure: she knows what kind of swimwear compliments her body and she is also very good at accessorizing her chosen outfits and swimsuits, even though those two necklaces she’s wearing in picture 3 are totally useless as the neckline of her one piece swimsuit doesn’t really need to be further embellished with silver chains.

Here’s a question for you: In which of the two pictures below do you think Lindsay looks best?

Now let me tell you why you think she looks more elegant in the first picture. Beauty experts maintain that a person’s hair colour should never be lighter than their skin tone. As you may see, Lindsay is quite tanned in the second picture, and her blonde hair doesn’t go well with her skin colour, which happens to be slightly darker than her hair.

On the other hand, the first picture portrays Lindsey wearing a black and white retro style swimsuit which flatters and contrasts with her skin tone, which is definitely lighter than her red hair.

That is why she looks so elegant and sophisticated in the first picture, and rather tacky in the second one.

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