Limonada Swimwear

Limonada is a very versatile Brazilian swimwear brand whose products are ideal for a wide range of occasions, including exclusive events and pool parties. Most of its swimsuits feature bright, bold colours, such as gold, silver, fuchsia, yellow and lilac, and are embellished with fringes, metallic rings, laces etc.
The great thing about Limonada is that its collections include many different products, including bikinis, monokinis, one-pieces, mens shorts, kaftans and even sarongs, suitable for both women and men of all ages. If you are a young woman looking for a swimsuit that will enhance your body, as well as your feminine curves, you may opt for a colourful monokini and a short see through kaftan.
If, on the other hand, you need something that will minimize your weak “points”, you may go for a knee length kaftan and a high waisted bottom matched with either a triangle or a bandeau top, depending on your cup size.
Limonada’s designers are aware of the importance of materials, which is why they always use highly resistant fabrics which will contribute to preserving the beauty of your swimsuit. As  a luxury brand, Limonada is known for its innovative approach to fashion and attention to detail.
Unlike most brands, Limonada always prefers integrating different trends into its collections, rather than following a specific, fixed philosophy which would limit its designers’ creativity. That is why its collections include a wide range of different models and elements, including retro bikinis, as well as several  ethnic  and modern swimsuits. Limonada’s fashion designers also seem to enjoy experimenting with new styles and models, as even their simplest creations are characterized by original details.
Whether you are thin or curvy, Limonada’s swimsuits have simple lines which are meant to flatter all body types. The image below portrays  a very original monokini which features  geometric patterns and combines contrasting colours such as pink, lilac, white, gold and beige.

Even though regular clothing shops and department stores tend to distribute more popular swimwear brands, Limonada swimsuits, dresses, trousers, shorts, sandals and kaftans are offered by many online stores.

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