Hawaii’s natural landscapes, weather and beauty make it an excellent tourist destination. However, people tend to overlook its history and cultural features, something which sisters Lisa Letarte Cabrinha and Michele Letarte Ross have always appreciated. In 2000, Lisa and Michele founded a brand, Letarte, which is now known for its Hawaiian spirit and is loved by thousands of people across the world, including several celebrities.

At first Letarte was nothing more than a sportswear brand, whose product portfolio was limited to comfortable dresses and cover-ups. Today, Letarte offers a wide range of swimsuits, cover-ups, dresses, shorts, hoodies, skirts and even trousers, which are made of breathable and flexible fabrics.  And now the bad news.

As beautiful as Letarte’s products may be, an average swimsuit can cost up to $190, while the plain white tunic shown in the picture below comes with a price tag of $254!

Of course, if you are familiar with the saying “You get what you pay for”, you will probably be able to appreciate this tunic’s high quality stitching and fine details. However, we can not ignore the fact that products like the ones offered by Letarte can be found anywhere at much lower prices, so let us try to understand why they are so expensive. First of all, we should concentrate on the message that Lisa and Michele aim to convey through their swimsuits and other pieces of clothing.

All of them reflect Lisa’s jet-setting lifestyle and passion for all things luxurious and exotic.   This should explain why most of Letarte’s swimsuits feature some very subtle and sophisticated adornments. The picture below, for example, shows an adjustable bikini made of a shiny brown fabric  which features the so-called basket weave trim or style, which is a very particular type of moulding.

Although this bikini seems to be quite plain at first glance, its triangle top is actually embellished with two beautiful bronze medallions that makes it absolutely unique.

Letarte also offers many different cover-ups. The one shown in the picture below, for example, is a lovely poncho that combines Bohemian details and contrasting colours, such as beige, yellow, red and blue.

The great thing about this cover-up is that it was specifically designed to match most of Letarte’s swimsuits. Moreover, its mid-thigh length makes it an ideal option for those women who would like to show off their legs while hiding the upper part of their body.

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