Lenny Swimwear

Swimwear designer Lenny Niemeyer is a Brazilian legend and rightly so, for she is completely self made.

In the early 1980′s, after her arrival in Rio, Lenny decided to start designing her own swimsuits. Her change in career from landscape architect to swimsuit designer began when Lenny discovered the lack of elegant swimsuits within the beachwear market.

Through working for a variety of swimwear companies for over ten years, she released many designs and succesfully established herself in the fashion industry. By 1993, Lenny was ready to start her own line of swimwear.

The debut of her line on the international runways in 1996 gave Lenny’s designs an extra touch of glamour and high fashion.

Inspiration for such beautiful swimsuits is surprisingly taken from a variety of sources.

She loves, in fact, to incorporate her knowledge of architectural design into her creations. Brazilian artist Adriana Varejao, with her tilework and organic style, can also be considered a real Muse to Lenny.

Furthermore, this fantastic Brazilian designer uses art and architecture through the ages as a reference for her latest collections. What sets her swimsuits apart is not only the fine embroideries, the hand-made hardware, or the colourful beads, but the galmorous look that comes with every single piece.

Lenny’s line has flourished over the years as many people enjoy her simple and elegant designs. Fortunately for her, nowadays the concept of sophistication has returned to its original meaning and can be found in the original designs, which are considered to be the centerpiece of fashion, instead of the decorations that are attatched to them. Even the sumptious fabrics often present subtle patterns to keep the simplicity.

Unlike many brands, her designs are not limited by style. The line contains many options in tops and bottoms including halters, bandeaus and euro shorts. There are also seamless alternatives that have been laser cut, leaving a more comfortable fit and a smoother look.

In recent years, Lenny has been opening up her line for accessories, handbags, shoes and other resortwear, all of which greatly compliment the swimsuits.

Swimsuits designed by Lenny never have and never will dissappoint, for they provide what the world has been wanting: simplicity, comfort, originality and beauty. Lenny’s designs appeal to those who want to bring out their beauty and feel feminine. With these swimsuits, the wearer will feel so comfortable in the rich material and colour that they will feel beautiful anywhere, be it by the pool or soaking up the summer rays at the beach.


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