Lenny Niemeyer

Lenny Niemeyer is often defined as the Queen of Brazilian summer fashion. She started working as a fashion designer in 1980 and has become known for her modern, innovative and unusual creations which emphasize the female body and stand out with their bold patterns.
Rio de Janeiro has certainly had a strong impact on Lenny Niemeyer’s life in terms of creative inspiration and career opportunities, as it has motivated her to follow her intuition and develop her own personal philosophy.
The history of her brand started many years ago in Sao Paulo, when she went out looking for a swimsuit but couldn’t find anything; that is when Lenny decided to start designing her own bikinis. After completing her first collections, she opened a shop in Ipanema, where people literally fell in love with her swimsuits.
Lenny’s success formula is quite simple: she has always remained faithful to her original philosophy, combining bold colours and patterns without ever underestimating the importance of quality.
That is why her swimsuits are often made of natural materials such as cotton and silk.
Besides swimsuits, Lenny also designs kaftans, sandals, beach dresses, monokinis and a wide range of beach accessories. She always tries to select colours that truly emphasize every skin tone, from dark to pale, by using bright natural decorations in different shades of green, turquoise, red, fuchsia and orange. Lenny Niemeyer’s swimsuits are very original and rich in fabulous details, which is why they can  easily be worn without accessories. The images below show a few examples of Lenny’s approach to swimwear.
First of all, the bikinis above share a number of similarities as they are all very tiny, eye catching and feature stunning natural motifs. The bikini shown in the first picture consists of a bandeau top and a sexy low waisted bottom. Both pieces are embellished with floral green and orange patterns which are sure to remind us of wild nature and beautiful forests.
The second picture portrays a slightly different bikini consisting of a top with wide straps and a low waisted bottom, which are characterized by unusual geometric motifs in black and different shades of green. The third bikini, on the other hand, features a mid waisted bottom and a very particular high neck top which seems to be made of two green sleeves. Last but not least, this bikini is embellished with an eye catching green foulard featuring natural motifs.

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