Latest Trends: Retro Swimwear

Standing out on the beach was not an easy task in the early ’40’s, as swimsuits pretty much all looked the same, even though patterns and colours changed. That is because it was considered vulgar for a woman to show “too much skin”, no matter how beautiful she was. Basically, women had two main options to choose from: one-piece swimsuits and bikinis which had a high waste bottom and covering tops.

Now, you too have two options if you are into all things retro: you can either choose for vintage swimwear or vintage-inspired reproductions. You can imagine what the differences between the two are: original vintage pieces can be quite expensive and they are usually purchased by people who have a real passion for retro clothing, while reproductions are more affordable and made from “contemporary” materials, such as Lycra and other synthetic fibres.

Our advice is to choose the reproductions, as they look just like vintage swimsuits, with the only difference that they are more comfortable to wear, are more affordable and, at times, enriched with fine details aimed at making them a bit sexier.

Vintage swimwear consists of two main categories: ’40’s style bathing suits to ’50’s style pin-up swimsuits. ’60’s style swimwear is quite appreciated too, but the two aforementioned styles are still incredibly popular, despite the many beautiful swimwear collections famous fashion designers launch every year.

If you want to purchase a vintage swimsuit, the most reliable brands are Leg Avenue, Iron Fist, Ujena Swimwear and Lolita Girl Clothing (specialising in retro swimwear and clothing).

The ’40’s style swimwear features skirted-bottoms, one-pieces with halter neck, bathing suits with belts, floral designs and pastel colours. Women who prefer not to incur too large parts of their bodies to UV sun rays would certainly appreciate the fact that the ’40’s style swimsuits are designed to provide medium coverage whilst gently enhancing their wearers’ female curves.

In the ’50’s then, pin-up models became very popular and were admired not only by men, but also by women. During World War II, men used to keep pictures of their favourite pin-up models and actresses in their lockers and, because of that, women realised pin-up girls were the new sex symbols.

In most pictures and movies, these attractive girls had blonde hair and wore clothes that emphasized their tiny waists. Polka dots and nautical motifs were widely used in the clothing industry, to the extent that even swimsuits featured such designs.

It goes without saying women with a fair skin who would like to wear something original on the beach should definitely go for ’50’s style swimwear, as it would certainly enhance their skin colour, as well as their figure. Bottoms with a high waist, in fact, shape the body in such a way to emphasize the hips and shrink the waist, thus making women look curvier and even more feminine. Use the curler to wave your hair, put on your favourite red lipstick and you will look like a contemporary pin-up girl.

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