Larissa Minatto

Larissa Minatto is a famous swimwear brand which was established by a young fashion designer from Catarina, Brazil.

Thousands of women have come to appreciate her collections. They feature very bright colours and simple, classic lines that emphasize the female body, maximizing its strengths and minimizing its most common weaknesses.

Although Brazilian swimwear designers are known for their sexy and extremely “tiny”  creations, Larissa Minatto’s swimsuits are specifically designed to flatter all body types and provide sufficient coverage.

Another aspect that distinguishes Larissa from most fashion designers  is her passion for simplicity, which explains why her swimsuits don’t feature particularly flashy decorations. On the contrary, she prefers focusing on regular shapes, classic lines and chromatic combinations. If you have a look at her collections, you will find that white, blue, peach and dark green are some of the colours that she prefers.

That is why her swimsuits can be easily personalized by simply wearing a few original accessories, such as metallic bracelets , modern necklaces , gold earrings and so forth.

However, Larissa’s creativity is not limited to swimsuits. In fact, she also designs long dresses, voile skirts, sexy kaftans, sarongs, sandals as well as accessories. Looking at her creations, it seems evident that Larissa Minatto understands women and what they expect from a swimsuit. That is why her bikinis, one-pieces, kaftans and sarongs seem to have been designed with the average woman in mind, as they tend to emphasize the exact body parts that most women want to show off. As far as materials are concerned, Larissa always uses top quality fabrics which are durable and flexible. The picture below shows  one of Larissa Minatto’s most original pieces.

This bikini consists of a strapless bandeau top and a low waisted bottom which feature various shades of green, brown and blue, thus resembling a typical Brazilian forest.  This swimsuit can be worn with a see through dark green beach robe which would make any woman look like a goddess.

As already mentioned, Larissa’s collections include a wide range of items, such as trousers, dresses, cover-ups etc. The picture below shows a one piece  swimsuit decorated by small golden rings placed on a totally black background, followed by an elegant black dungaree with golden buttons, a long beige skirt matched with a brown bikini and a very sophisticated white mini dress, perfect for those summer days.

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