L * Space

Sea waves and sun are the elements that have had the most influence on Monica Wise’s creativity and designs, ever since she created L*Space, in 1997.

This edgy and artistic designer has stood out for her unique colour palette, including yellow, orange, green, purple, red and fuchsia. We may also find several playful patterns, but most of them are matched with mono colour pieces.

Thanks to the sexy cut-outs and luminous colours, be sure you will have everybody’s eyes on you at the beach and that’s probably one of the reasons why great celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan, love L*Space and have become its most loyal fans.

It’s not hard to guess Monica Wise’s origins, considering that it’s a place kissed by the sun all year round, a country whose beaches attract surfers from all over the world.

That place is, obviously, Florida.

The beautiful fabrics and materials chosen by Monica are sure to make you shine under the sun, as you can see from the beautiful example below.

The first thing that certainly hits your eyes is the chromatic element, even if, in the second place, you may notice the original orange zebra pants, matched with the solid coloured bandeau top.

Golden details are a real must in every L*Space collection, as Monica herself found them amazing on her swimsuits.

This innovative designer is not only appreciated by her fans, but has also been officially recognized in occasion of the Mercedes-Benz Swim Fashion Week in Miami, where everybody got the chance to see her fantastic creations.

Also, thanks to the high attention Monica pays to L*Space marketing campaigns, she was awarded the ‘Marketing Campaign of the Year’ in 2009 and her brand has been declared, for three years running, ‘Brand of the Year’.

The distinctive feature of this brand, is that each swimsuit can be composed by you, since Monica creates each piece separately, giving you the possibility to invent your own style.

In fact, L*Space Chief Designer loves jewellery as much as beachwear.

In every single piece, you will always find golden or silver chains, rings, necklaces and bracelets, that are sure to enlighten your skin colour and give you that sophisticated touch you were looking for.


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