Kristin Cavall: The Hills Have Eyes…Only For You

I never did understand why the shows Laguna Beach and The Hills got so much attention, and lasted so long. They were supposed to be reality shows, but they are entirely scripted. You can just tell.

The sad part of it all, is that I think that a lot of people are under the assumption that the shows are actually real, and not scripted and rehearsed. Not only that, but I never really liked the shows because I never understood them. There wasn’t a plot in sight.

There were only a bunch of semi-plots running around, bumping into one another, getting lost, and getting all tangled up. Therefore, I don’t really count the ‘actors’ who starred on Laguna Beach and The Hills as actual actors. But while I may not respect Kristin Cavall, I must admit that she has a great beach body.

There are not a lot of celebrities who look as good in a bikini as Kristin does in this picture. I love the fact that she picked out a simple, yellow bikini. She doesn’t have any accessories on, which I consider a plus. Her bathing suit also isn’t full of ridiculous embellishments like some other celebrity suits that I have seen.

I also admire her for choosing a bikini that actually does a good job at covering her up. There are so many celebrities who think that it’s okay to wear a skimpy, skanky bikini. Wearing a swimsuit that practically shows every part of your body is not sexy. That seems more like skanky to me. This bikini makes Kristin appear to be cute, fun, and innocent. And while her character may not have been like that on the show, at least she attempts to be a likeable person in reality.

Obviously the paparazzi adore her. Then again, the paparazzi adore any celebrity who might make them money. The only thing about Kristin is the fact that I am not sure whether or not she is a natural blonde. I don’t think that she is, and that just irritates me. Why do women feel the need to dye their hair blonde?

It seems as if all brunettes want to be blonde, and all blondes want to be brunettes. No one is ever happy with their natural color, or body for that matter. But I think I can look past this small, insignificant detail. After all, I myself am guilty of experimenting with blonde hair dye. So I guess I really do not have any right at all to criticize.

3 Responses to “Kristin Cavall: The Hills Have Eyes…Only For You”

  1. Gossippara says:

    Non mi piace il suo personaggio in tv ma lei è proprio bella*.*

  2. the hills fan says:

    is there anybody who actually thinks that the hills is real?you people need help

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