Kiwi Saint Tropez

Kiwi Saint Tropez swimwear – Kiwi is a successful brand that was founded in Saint Tropez, located on the beautiful French Riviera, in 1985.

Whatever you are looking for, be sure to find it at Kiwi: swimsuits for women, men and children, accessories, beach towels, footwear (including colourful and original flip flops), caps, kaftans, dresses, sandals and much more.

Thanks to its wide range of products, Kiwi has become an international brand, getting to open several stores in some of the most amazing holiday destinations, such as Monaco, Paris, Cannes, Lisbonne, Capri, St. Barts, St. Domingo…And don’t forget that many others will come very soon!

Since the very beginning, Kiwi’s creators had a precise target in mind and, consequently, decided to manufacture and sell those products that would certainly meet their target’s beachwear needs: that target was the family.

Families are something that high fashion doesn’t really care about that much, as it is mainly focused on women and men. So, in case a family wanted to go shopping for swimwear, it should actually go buy at several places.

Fortunately for you, Kiwi solves this problem, giving families the possibility to shop for glamour swimwear and discover its new collections all together.

Furthermore, this fabulous French brand refreshes its style every year, thanks to its visionary in-house designers, who love to experiment with new solutions, in order to assure you look hot and feel comfortable.

Original patterns, fresh colours and interesting motifs combined with high quality, are the elements that have brought Kiwi a lot of success, to the extent that it accounts around 5 openings per year.

In the picture above, we find a playful and original pink bikini by Kiwi St. Tropez, featuring gorgeous floral prints in sky blue and brown, that are sure to look great with your tan. The padded halter neck top provides extra support and can be easily adjusted thanks to its ties at neck and back. The matching bottom presents a white chain, that we may consider a typical example of the high attention that Kiwi’s designers pay to details.

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