Kellan Lutz: Please Bite Me

This Twilight star hottie sure has my blood boiling. This man could not look anymore perfect than he already does.

With those chiseled abs, those amazing pecs, and of course that sexy smirk he’s sporting, he’s going to have every single woman swooning over him and begging him to bite them.

His entire ensemble is perfect. Those swim shorts hug his hips and…erm…”all that comes in between” quite nicely if I do say so myself. However, I am not a huge fan of the stripes. Yeah, they look good, but I’m not exactly sure that the stripes are his style.

I would much rather see him in a solid color, maybe a navy blue perhaps? I think a dark color would definitely bring out his eyes, and that gorgeous beard of his. And not to mention those gorgeous muscles.  I am not exactly sure why he’s wearing that hat, but it looks adorable on him anyway.

It isn’t exactly ‘beach wear’ but I think that I can overlook that small little fact for this guy. What do the rest of you think? I’m sure there isn’t any need to even ask that question.

I hope that you would all agree with me that he looks super adorable in that hat. That, and aviator sunglasses are definitely his style. I find men who wear aviator sunglasses to be ultra hot. And no, I am not saying this merely because he is the one wearing them….okay, maybe I am. But can you really blame a girl? There is absolutely no sane reason why Anna Lynne McCord should have broken up with this hot hunk.

Seriously, what was she thinking? If I were in her shoes, I’d grab him and never let him go! Of course, I would wait at least a month until I call him up and ask him out. He did just break up with his incredibly sexy girlfriend. Alright, my ramblings are starting to border on creepy now, so why don’t I just get back to praising this god-like creature.

Too much? Maybe. But with those muscles, he does kind of resemble a Greek statue. All in all, Kellan has one of the best beach bodies that I have ever seen on a male celebrity. He obviously works out on a daily basis, and eats all of his spinach. I’m sure that Pop-Eye would be very proud of him. So Kellan, I know that you must get this a lot but…bite me? Please?

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