Jets Swimwear

Jets Swimwear was founded by Jessika Allen, a talented artist who has studied fashion, tailoring and design in Sydney and Milan.

She started her career in the fashion industry as a bodysuit designer and her first job allowed her to become familiar with stretch fabrics that hug the body, emphasizing its natural curves.

Among the things that inspire Jessica are art, different cultures, literature and history, which is why her collections convey a wide range of different ideas, instead of reflecting a precise concept.

If you are looking for a retro one-piece swimsuit that will make you look like a pin up model, a bikini that recalls the wild nature typical of South America or something more sober, have a look at the latest Jets Swimwear collection and you will certainly find what you need.

However, particular swimsuits are not what makes Jets Swimwear unique. In fact, Jessika Allen has always wanted to offer many different options in order to satisfy her customers’ needs, regardless of what they may be. For instance, the picture below shows a simple strapless one-piece which seems to have been specifically designed to make its wearer appear thinner.

In fact, the black part flattens the stomach and emphasizes the waist, while the white top makes the chest look slightly bigger.

Similar to the previous swimsuit, the one  in the image below was designed to give the illusion of a bigger chest, by embellishing the top with playful and colourful ruffles.

The remarkably lowwaist bottom is also decorated with dark orange and fuchsia ruffles, which are placed in such a way to create a belt that enhances the hips.

But how can a single brand offer such diverse products? The thing is, while some companies design and produce goods with a specific audience in mind, there are individuals who prefer sticking to a philosophy, rather than a marketing strategy. In fact, Jessika Allen’s goal is to produce luxury swimwear that, despite embodying different cultures and ideas, will always be loved by those women who want to look their best 24/7.

What we like about Jets Swimwear is that it has a blog which Jessika and her collaborators update regularly in order to keep their followers informed.  In other words, if you want to know where and how Jessika has found the inspiration for her latest collection, all you have to do is go to, where you will find many interesting posts and videos.

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