Jessica Alba and…Travolta look-a-like?

When I first look at this picture, a few things come to mind. One, Alba’s bathing suit. It looked like she got caught in the cross fire of a vicious paint ball match.

And two, the man on her arm. Have any of you stars been listening to me when I said to tone down on the accessories when you go out to the beach? This means arm candy too, especially if said arm candy…could be improved upon! I know that Alba is married to super hunky Cash Warrn, but to me he looks like a young John Travolta here. Which is not necessarily a good thing.

At least Travolta didn’t let himself go until his forties. This guy looks like he’s only in his thities, and he already has a beer gut. Which is a little surpsing considering that when the two of them got married, he was as fit as a fiddle.

And not to mention super hot as well. I’m thinking that now he needs a really extensive workout. P90X maybe? That should do the job in no time. Not to mention his swimming trunks. I’m not sure if they’re camouflaged, or if they have ivy climbing up the sides. Either way, they don’t look too good.

Green is definitely not this young man’s colour. He should also do a little bit of manscaping. Chest hair on a guy can be sexy, but stomach hair…not so much. Alright, why don’t we get back to the main attraction in this picture here? The paintball swimsuit. Oh right, and Jessica Alba. The cut of the swimsuit is definitely flattering to her petite figure. The top fully covers her twins, so there’s no chance of them trying to go for a swim any time soon.

She looks very healthy as well. There’s nothing more disturbing than seeing a woman in a bikini whose bones are threatening to break through her skin. Alba has a killer core, and fantastic legs. I really want to know who her trainer is. Maybe she could loan her trainer to her guy pal for a couple of sessions.

You know, just to get him started on that weight loss routine. If anything it should be Alba who should have a chunky middle. She was the one who had the kids after all. Maybe she transferred all of her baby fat to her hubby? Sympathy weight maybe that he just couldn’t seem to lose?

But on the bright side, Alba still looks sexy as hell.

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