Jantzen Swimwear

Jantzen is a popular swimwear brand that was founded in 1916. Its first marketing campaigns were very popular among marketing experts and retro swimwear lovers, as they all featured cartoon girls wearing large hats and skirted swimsuits in bright colours, such as baby blue, pink and red.

The Portland Knitting Company, Jantzen’s former parent company, was established by Zehntbauer and Jantzen in 1910. The company produced knitted goods which were then sold in its own retail store.

Jantzen’s origins are strongly linked to Zehntbauer and Jantzen’s passion for rowing, as in the early 1910’s they were asked to design a rowing suit that would keep rowers warm on the cold mornings on the local river.

Although Jantzen has been designing and manufacturing swimsuits since 1910, its values and brand strategy have remained unvaried, as the company is still known and widely appreciated for its elegant retro swimwear. By sticking to a single style, Jantzen has certaintly distinguished itself from all the other global brands that produce all types of swimwear.
One could think that because Jantzen doesn’t produce trendy swimsuits, it will never achieve the same results as more “commercial” companies. However, unlike the latter, Jantzen can count on a loyal customer base consisting of women who appreciate the brand’s history and would rather buy elegant, vintage looking swimsuits than tiny bikinis.

Among the innovations introduced by Jantzen is the term “swimming suit”, which was first used in its 1921 advertising campaign, instead of “bathing suit”.

Even though the company’s logo has been subject to a few modifications mainly aimed at enhancing its colour, it is still characterized by a “diving girl” in a red one-piece as it was in the 1920’s.

Today, Jantzen is an internationally recognized brand whose old swimsuits are even more valuable than its recent ones, as many men and women from all over the world enjoy collecting them.

Jantzen has recently attempted to modernize its collections by introducing tankinis, one shoulder one pieces and bikinis, which all feature feminine details. However, try as it might, the American brand will always be known for its history and retro swimsuits, rather than its few trendy items. So if you ever happen to walk into a Jantzen store, make sure to purchase a colourful skirted one-piece, as you will hardly find equally fine swimsuits anywhere else.

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