Hurley Swimwear

Hurley Swimwear is a widely appreciated brand known for its comfortable and durable swimsuits. Unlike other beachwear manufacturers, Hurley’s target market consists of athletes, surfers and people who don’t place too much importance on the latest fashion trends.

In fact, if we look at its latest products, we will find that most of them feature simple patterns and come in solid colours, including navy blue, brown, orange and baby blue. However, it should be noted that Hurley designs and manufactures swimwear for men, women and kids and that its women’s swimwear collections are usually bolder and trendier than its male lines. In view of Hurley Swimwear’s remarkable sales, it could be said that its strength probably lies in its not too flashy patterns combined with resistant materials.

Hurley’s males collections, on the other hand, are usually characterized by geometric designs and patterns, including squares and rectangles . This brand also designs and manufactures clothes that can be worn all year round, such as jeans, shirts, dresses, jackets and so forth.

Returning to women’s swimwear, if you are looking for a tankini that will cover your stomach and make the upper part of your body appear slimmer, you should probably have a look at Hurley’s tankinis.

That is because their tankinis, which consist of a tank top and bottom, feature geometric patterns that tend to reduce overall roundness, thus making their wearers feel more comfortable while playing on the beach and sunbathing. Moreover, the low waist bottoms typical of Hurley’s tankinis feature wide side ties which give the illusion of slimmer hips and a V neckline which will emphasize your curves without drawing too much attention to yourself. Therefore Hurley’s tankinis are sure to be the best option for those women who would like to feel both sexy and at ease at the same time.

If , on the other hand, you are not looking for a swimsuit that will make you go unnoticed, you may mix and match different pieces and create your own unique bikini or tankini.

The image below shows one of Hurley’s classiest tankinis, and those of you who are familiar with Fellini’s La Dolce Vita will certainly love it.

First of all, this tankini features retro lines, adjustable straps and a low waist bottom. The ruched top has been specifically designed to minimize the hips while enhancing the cleavage. You may add a modern touch to this classy tankini by matching a few metallic accessories.

The swimsuit portrayed in the image below differs from the other one in both style and purpose, because it is meant to be worn by younger, trendier women who have a passion for bold colours. In fact, this bikini features fuchsia, yellow, baby blue, purple and green triangular designs, which contrast with the total black adjustable ties attached to both the top and bottom.

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