Tone Up Your Bottom To Wear A Brazilian Thong

Summer is fast approaching and this means its swimsuit season for us ladies.  It’s that time of the year when we can get away with wearing skimpy and fun outfits as we lay out basking ourselves in the sun. Show off that body and make heads turn with your hot figure this summer by toning up your bum.

Women always go for exercises for flatter stomachs while completely ignoring their bums. Always remember that a swimsuit requires a good, perfectly toned up butt for it to work best. Take note that guys are also heavily attracted to this muscly body part too.

Its time to get your bottom ready for the thong season! A Brazilian thong is going to expose every bit of skin on your bottom.  It’s probably a good idea to prepare our bottoms for this kind of exposure.

Put your best butt forward with these tips.

  1. Make some changes in your diet: start eating healthy. Avoid fast food as well as processed food. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables instead. Avoid juices and high calorie smoothies and coffee too. Try to drink more water to curb your thirst. Foods with a high salt content should be avoided too as it can cause bloating.
  2. Work your bottom out. – Walk whenever you can. Take the stairs instead of the lift. This can do wonders for your bottom. Exercises such as running, swimming, cycling and dancing will certainly accelerate the toning process. Remember that it is best to try and build a specific exercise routine every other day.  The reason is to give time for the sore tissues to heal. Make sure that your desired routine is attainable. It is also important to find a specific exercise that suits your needs. Research and read articles on fitness magazines and websites to try and find out which bum exercise is best for you. Exercises such as leg-lifting, squatting, and butt squeezing may work for you too.
  3. Go uphill. – Try to walk, run or cycle in an area that is a bit elevated. This will work out and tone the muscle on your bottom for a firmer, rounder behind.
  4. Don’t forget your skin. – Summer is not summer without you showing your skin. Apply firming, exfoliating and moisturizing lotions to keep your skin healthy and firm.

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