How to Choose The Right Swimsuit (for Men)

As obsessed with their bodies as they may be, women won’t deny that men, unlike them, are not very lucky when it comes to swimwear.

The swimwear industry has always revolved around women, probably because they are the ones who, more than men, are not afraid to try new styles and their vanity forces them to buy lots of swimsuits every year, while most men can wear the same swimsuit for several years in a row, until they finally decide to replace when it becomes worse for wear.

However, young men seem to have developed a very strong sense of style, which is why I think they too have the right to know what kind of swimsuits would enhance their silhouette.

  • Tall and athletic men can wear pretty much any style they like. They might want to focus on what colors flatter their skin tone instead of worrying about enhancing their body as anything will do.
  • Tall and thin men should balance their thinness by wearing baggy shorts, as to add volume to their legs. Make sure you don’t go for dark-coloured baggy shorts as they would make you appear even thinner. Instead, I suggest you look for multi-coloured originally-printed shorts.
  • Tall and big men, which does not necessarily mean “overweight”, should opt for solid-colored long shorts. Dark colours, such as black, grey, dark blue and hunter green will certainly look best. If you like patterns, make sure they are small, as big ones would make you appear wider than you actually are.
  • Short and athletic men should try to add length to their figure. Long shorts would definitely make their legs appear shorter, while a pair of low-waist Speedo briefs would certainly make their legs and torso look longer. A high leg cut is strongly recommended.
  • Short and big men should wear something that makes them appear taller and thinner. For that purpose, a pair of high leg cut shorts would certainly help. Make sure they are not tight-fitting or low-waist and, last but not least, opt for a dark-coloured model.
  • Older men who don’t want to draw too much attention to themselves by wearing something flashy should definitely opt for solid-coloured shorts.

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