Hermanny by ViX

After the creation of ViX, Paula Hermanny kept developing her style and design, reaching a mature fashion consciousness that changed her philosophy and “sensitiveness”.

That’s why she decided to launch a new line, linked to the old ViX Swimwear, called Hermanny by ViX.

This new brand has been thought and designed by Paula keeping in mind mature women and moms.

Paula understood that there is a whole target out there, made of women who want to look sexy and classy, that very few brands think of.

These women are constantly looking for something that adapts to their curves, hiding what is supposed to be hidden and enhancing what is supposed to be emphasized.

Since she was a child, Paula Hermanny has always had a remarkable eye for beauty and style, and , after her studies, she decided to express her great talent by creating ViX Swimwear, a brand that, today, exports its fabulous products all over the world.

So, what makes Paula’s new line different from what she used to design for ViX Swimwear?

In the first place, the high attention paid to comfort, as every piece features extra coverage, wider tops, one pieces and silky tankinis.

Being Paula herself a mature woman, she perfectly knows what women need and how to make them feel good about themselves.

Paula Hermanny has imagined and created this unique line, making comfort its most important element: that is the reason why fabrics and materials are all carefully chosen to provide women the perfect fit.

However, style and sensuality are not compromised, thanks to the under wired and padded tops and to the higher waist bottoms.

Prints are sure to be more “sober” as we can see from the geometrical designs, flowers and stripes, while colours are more elegant and chic, such as black, gold, white, red and green.

Most of mono colour swimsuits, are often enriched with luminous details, such as rhinestones, stones, gems and golden features, that are sure to break the monotony and to give a creative touch.

Vix by Hermanny really has it all: high quality and sophisticated swimsuits that will reflect your personality and give you all the benefits of a fashion-forward designer style.

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