Hayden Panettiere: My Hero

Hayden first made it big when she starred in the hit science fiction drama Heroes, as a hot superhero cheerleader. And I have to admit, she’s just as attractive and good looking now as she was back then.

I guess all of those cheerleading roles that she played really did pay off huh? Hayden has one of the best celebrity beach bodies that I have seen in a long time.

The main reason why I am such a huge fan is probably due to the fact that she is sporting an incredibly adorable Hello Kitty bikini. It’s sweet and fun, and I think this suit fits her personality quite nicely. The red color also adds a bit of sass, so we know that she is fully capable of being sexy, instead of just cute and fun.

She looks even more adorable with those aviators and that hat on. I personally would have loved to see her with the hat off and her gorgeous blonde locks floating in the wind, but she still is rocking the hat.

The other reason why I adore Hayden so much is because of the fact that she seems like an actual, normal, everyday person. Yes she has a great body, but I’ve also seen everyday people walk around with bodies like that as well. What I am trying to say is that she’s fit, but she doesn’t go to too much effort to look great.

She seems like the kind of woman who takes pride in being healthy, but doesn’t mind if she has curves, or a little meat on her bones. I truly admire female celebrities who have that kind of mentality. It really is heart breaking when you see a female celebrity gradually turn into an emaciated skeleton because of all of the societal pressure that is put upon her to look good.

I have no problem with the media promoting a healthy lifestyle and being in shape. But some women take it too far and starve themselves so that they can feel better about the way they look. Because Hayden is nothing like this, I truly admire her. Her super tall 34-year-old Russian boxer boyfriend must be incredibly lucky to have gotten a girl like her.

One Response to “Hayden Panettiere: My Hero”

  1. Fren says:

    she’s so cute!I really like her, both as a person and an actress