Greece, officially known as the Republic of Greece, is a state located in Southern Europe bordering Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia in the North, Turkey in the East, overlooking the Aegean Sea in the South and the Ionian Sea in the West.

Greece has over 3000 islands, such as Lesbos, Chios, Crete, Evia, the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades and the Dodekanesos. Its capital is Athens and its main cities are Thessaloniki, Patras, Piraeus, Peristeri, Heraklion and Larissa Kallithea.

TodayÔÇÖs Greece has roots to the ancient Greece, called the cradle of Western civilisation as it gave life to philosophy, democracy, medicine and the famous Olympic Games. The impressive peak of Mount Olympus, located in Thessaly, was regarded, in ancient mythology, as the abode of the Olympian Gods, including Zeus, Hera, Athena, Poseidon, Hades, and so on.

Loved and adored by tourists, Greece is kissed by the sun all year round; it offers spectacular beaches and is known for its long coastline, dotted with palm trees where the bold green contrasts with the crystal clear water. Because tourism represents a significant economic income to Greece, most cities, towns and villages have a beach with modern facilities to welcome sports fans, enabling them to practice in parachuting, horseback riding and various water sports such as windsurfing, water skiing and jet skiing.

There are also plenty of facilities meant to accommodate and entertain tourists, such as water parks and bars along the golden beaches. You will find that most beaches have a blue flag, which indicates that in that specific area there is clean water; environmental management, safety and service are guaranteed. Southern beaches are recommended for nightlife lovers, for their entertainment options and many attractions.
And, for those who are passionate about history and culture, Greece has countless amazing archaeological sites, such as the amazing ruins in Athens including The Parthenon, The Acropolis, The Theatre of Dionysus, The Agora and The National Gardens.
Greek hospitality is legendary and food represents a real passion to the locals, who use it as an excuse to spend time together. The Greek cuisine, however, is typically Mediterranean which means that its most famous dishes include olive oil, fish, lamb, and fresh vegetables.

World famous is the delicious Moussaka, which we may define as the Greek version of the Italian Parmigiana, a thimble of aubergines (or eggplant) and meat cooked in the oven. Another product that you will find on any Greek table is the traditional yogurt, which is served for dessert accompanied by honey and fruit, or is used to add flavour to various condiments.
Food, hospitality, friendliness and amazing weather are only some of the wonders that make thousands of people fall in love with Greece every year.

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