Essenuoto is one of the most important Italian swimwear brands whose main customers consist of athletes and people who appreciate high quality products.

This company is particularly popular in Italy and Western Europe and is headquartered in North Italy. As well as manufacturing simple and sophisticated swimsuits, Essenuoto uses top quality materials and is constantly looking for new and innovative solutions to make their products even more resistant and durable. The reason why Essenuoto places great importance on innovation is that athletes require highly durable and comfortable swimsuits which allow them to move freely while swimming.

However, even though this brand specialises in competition swimwear, it also designs feminine swimsuits which are meant for those women who simply wish to wear something comfortable and don’t want to show off their curves. Most Essenuoto collections consists of brightly coloured swimsuits which are usually solid coloured and embellished with geometric patterns. The main colours used by Essenuoto designers are black, blue, orange, red, turquoise and purple, which they mix and match in order to create unique motifs. Obviously, this company offers men’s swimsuits as well, such as speedos and trunks.

As far as prices are concerned, Essenuoto has never invested millions of Euros in advertising campaigns, which is why it can afford to sell its products at ridiculously low prices.

Therefore, if you are looking for a high quality swimsuit that will last you a life time, have a look at the latest Essenuoto collections and you will certainly find what you need. The image below portrays a one-piece swimsuit by Essenuoto which is decorated with red and orange geometric designs. The black background really brings out the beautiful patterns.

Despite being a very simple swimsuit, Essenuoto has managed to give this item a feminine touch by leaving a part of the wearer’s back uncovered and choosing a form fitting material that would make anyone look taller and thinner. Last but not least, this swimsuit is incredibly comfortable, which means that you will be able to move and swim freely without having to worry about useless embellishments, straps etc…

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