Different Ways to Tie a Sarong

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your swimwear then we got just the right swimsuit accessory for you. A sarong is a colourful piece of fabric that is often used as a cover-up by ladies, especially at the beach.

Ladies commonly use it as a skirt to hide the inferior part of their body when wearing their swimwear or they wear it chiefly for fashion’s sake.

This is practical for the sarong and is a very unique piece of clothing in the sense that its fabric is soft and there’s no limit to its colours, prints and patterns.

The sarong originated in Southeast Asia. However, it is important to specify that it was in Indonesia where an extraordinary ancient dying system recognized as batik was used to create the distinct pattern and colour of each sarong.

Both men and women in several Asian, Middle eastern and African countries wear sarongs. In these countries, the it is a traditional garment.

In some of them, the sarong you wear indicates your social status. The sarong is traditionally wrapped around the waist but it may be used to cover the entire body including the arms.

Currently, the sarong has become popular worldwide as one of the essential beach accessories for women. It is often used as a wrap-around skirt and worn to the beach as a fun cover-up to ladies’ swimsuits.

What makes sarongs unique is the fact that they can be utilized in different ways. They can function as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, scarves, head wraps etc.

For a short wrap-around skirt, all you have to do is spread the sarong and fold it lengthwise. After that, you can wrap it around your body as a cute cover-up to your bikini.

For a full wrap-around skirt, you need not fold the sarong. Just spread it and adjust it to your desired length and artfully knot the two ends of the fabric on the hip. For a halter dress, all you have to do is wrap it around your body and tie its two ends behind your neck.

For a one-strap dress, simply wrap the fabric around your body and tie the two ends at one of your shoulders.  There are still numerous ways to wear a sarong.

Needless to say, a sarong is one of the most useful fashion innovations of all time.

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