The Republic of Croatia is a country located in Central Europe. It borders Slovenia to the North, Hungary and Serbia to the East, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Montenegro to the South and overlooks the Adriatic Sea to the west.

Its most popular regions are Istria, the region which is located on the Croatian coast that also includes the islands in the Gulf of Kvaerner and Dalmatia, including the historic cities of Split and Dubrovnik.

Croatia has some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches on the continent, very similar to the ones in Sardinia. Turquoise water with emerald green, crystal clear patches and golden sand are the first things you will notice as soon as you go to the beach.

These are just a few reasons why so many tourists choose Croatia as their holiday destination every year. Some of the other reasons are the many secure open spaces which can be found all over the country and the fact that you are not charged for sun beds, chairs and umbrellas at the beach.

This is because all beach resorts are free and offer lots of facilities and services for you, so there is entertainment all day and night. For instance, you could rent a boat, water skis, go swimming, sunbathe, have lunch or dinner at one of the many seaside restaurants and go to the disco with your friends at night.
Whether you want to spend some time by yourself, are looking for an isolated spot where you can relax and recuperate or want to have fun with yours friends, Croatia has all the ingredients for a perfect vacation.

Moreover, thanks to the many private beaches at the Adriatic Sea, you may spend unforgettable hours in the company of your loved ones.

If you are a nudist or wish to experience nudism, there are many dedicated beaches where you may take off your clothes, all of them, and enjoy the pleasures of the sea. You will find that the Croatian coast is also loved by naturists who sometimes establish real campsites, for the simple reason that Croatia is rich in vegetation.

With regards to food, the Croatian cuisine can be divided into coastal and continental dishes.

The continental cuisine is rich in meat (steaks, sausagesÔÇŽ), cheese, fruit and vegetables. The Mediterranean cuisine, on the other hand, is rich in fish and pasta dishes, clearly inspired by the Italian food culture.

Other factors that attract thousands of tourists every year are the glorious past of Croatia, the creativity of its artists and the uniqueness of its culture, which has been influenced by the Romans, the Venetians and many others.

In Croatia, you will find lots of handmade items such as tablecloths and home accessories.

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