Clint Eastwood: You Feeling Lucky? Because We Aren’t

When Clint Eastwood first made his appearance in his breakout role on the hit show Rawhide, he had women everywhere swooning over his looks, and especially that super hot southern lilt he seemed to incorporate into all of his roles.

I must admit, he was rather attractive when he was younger. But he did not age well. Unfortunately, as he grew older, Clint really started to let himself go.

And he really doesn’t have any excuse for him to look like this. I have seen men a lot older, in a lot more shape. I think that he was just being lazy. Call me superficial, but I am under the belief that if you don’t have a fit body, then you have no business flaunting it in public.

And Clint, you fall under this category. Not only are you all fat and flab, but you also seem to be sporting a new chrome dome. Maybe you should have worn a hat with this outfit…then again, that might have just made things worse.

Not only is Clint’s body flabby and sad, but it’s also disproportioned and sad. He has skinny, chicken-esque arms and legs, but a beer belly slammed right in the middle. It doesn’t look right at all.

It also makes him appear to be hunched and slouched over, which I do not think is the case. But then again, I know next to nothing. Don’t older people tend to get to osteoporosis and shrink as they age? Or is that just for women?

Obviously men can get it too, because Clint here appears to be getting shorter and squatter the longer I look at this picture.

The only good thing about this picture is the scenery in the background. And I wish that I didn’t have to say that, because I really do like Clint Eastwood. I think he’s a brilliant actor and director. Unfortunately, he has lost his sex appeal.

It’s also hard to maintain that sex symbol status once you hit the age of sixty. Clint, even though you are an amazing actor and director, I think that you should do us all a huge favor, and just put some clothes on. You’re getting up there in years, so I honestly don’t think that you should be baring it all where there are people around to see it.

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7 Responses to “Clint Eastwood: You Feeling Lucky? Because We Aren’t”

  1. Not a judgmental arrogant blogger says:

    Clint Eastwood is 81 years old. What is WRONG with you?!

  2. bikini world says:

    LOL!Put some clothes on mate!

  3. Really? says:

    Clint Eastwood did age pretty well. But now he’s older than dirt. You’ll be flabby and have horrible posture when you’re 80+ years old too. But you won’t be a complete bad ass.

  4. Mad says:

    Hey. He’s 80+
    Do you really think he cares about how he looks? he had an extremely active sexual life, maybe he doesn’t care about that anymore. He’s a great director, that’s all that matters now. He’s kind of a legend (A really old one)

  5. alex h says:

    he’s friggin 81. who cares about his unfit body?

  6. rodolfo says:

    dumb ass. are you for real. He’s a freakin legend. You look with your eyes but your blind

  7. Ducky108 says:

    YES Assholes are like opinions. Best line this guy ever did. Besides how could that guy sat our boy Clint didnt age well. hes freakin 80+ ive seen people 80 and younger that lost the ability to see/eat/drive/walk or take care of themselves at all. this author and site should be banned for the mockery it had made of the post and its website, fuck it, they said he didnt age well-Its a Mockery of the Internet and Society!