German brands

Triumph Swimwear

Triumph Swimwear is a beachwear brand known all over the world for its collections which are characterized by bold colours, modern motifs and original prints. It was founded in Germany and has become increasingly popular thanks to its quality materials and chic details.

Triumph’s collections can be defined as comprehensive because they include bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces and monokinis which can be plain, elegant or very elaborate. Besides being very feminine, sexy and elegant, Triumph’s swimsuits are very comfortable and versatile, they can be worn on different occasions, including pool parties for an ordinary day at the beach. Moreover, their versatility allows you to personalize them with original accessories like bracelets,… [READ MORE]

Maryan Mehlorn Swimwear

Maryan Mehlorn is a swimwear brand that offers feminine and innovative products. The unconventional touch that characterizes its swimsuits is the reason why  Maryan Mehlorn has become very popular in London, which is widely considered to be one of the world’s main fashion capitals.

In spite of featuring simple lines and sober colours, Maryan Mehlorn’s swimsuits stand out for their modern patterns and motifs.

The company has recently added new items such as kaftans, summer dresses and beach accessories to its product range,. The principles and values around which  Maryan Mehlorn’s business strategy revolves are beauty, innovation and comfort, which is why all of its swimsuits are made of high… [READ MORE]

Anita Swimwear

Anita Swimwear designs bikinis and one-piece swimsuits for women of all sizes, focusing on comfort and quality. Anita Swimwears swimsuits are designed specifically to make you feel good about yourself and let you move freely, because they are made of flexible materials which hug your body making you feel sexy and beautiful. The feature that best characterizes this brand is its designers’ ability to combine comfort and elegance, creating swimsuits which are classy and trendy at the same time. Anita’s swimsuits are usually embellished with geometric designs, animal patterns and floral prints and come in brown, turquoise, black and purple.

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