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The story behind the birth of Vilebrequin swim shorts is as much interesting as unbelievable.
The founder of this swimwear brand started his company in 1970, when he made his first pair of swim trunks out of a red and white tablecloth.

He was quite satisfied with the shape but the fabric was not good; therefore, he started to search for new soft, yet durable materials.
Vilebrequin started selling his innovative swim shorts in Saint Tropez, where both celebrities and ordinary men started to wear and love them.

The first Vilebrequin store opened in 1996 and the unique swimwear designs it offered became a real hit, to the… [READ MORE]

Kiwi Saint Tropez

Kiwi Saint Tropez swimwear – Kiwi is a successful brand that was founded in Saint Tropez, located on the beautiful French Riviera, in 1985.

Whatever you are looking for, be sure to find it at Kiwi: swimsuits for women, men and children, accessories, beach towels, footwear (including colourful and original flip flops), caps, kaftans, dresses, sandals and much more.

Thanks to its wide range of products, Kiwi has become an international brand, getting to open several stores in some of the most amazing holiday destinations, such as Monaco, Paris, Cannes, Lisbonne, Capri, St. Barts, St. Domingo…And don’t forget that many others will come very soon!

Since the very beginning, Kiwi’s… [READ MORE]

Princesse tam.tam

Princesse tam.tam stands out from any other brand, since its lingerie, homewear and swimwear collections are sold in the best boutiques all over the world, at affordable prices.

This brand was founded in 1985 by the Hiridjee sisters, who had a clear vision of what they would achieve since they first started to design lingerie. Actually, they were working at their gift shop, when they noticed that the colourful boxer shorts meant for men, were being bought by several women.
At that time, the new generation wanted to change and the two sisters decided to give them exactly what they were looking for: innovation.

They started to design a… [READ MORE]


Huit is a French swimwear brand, which aims at creating chic and fashionable swimsuits, never going too far from simplicity, as that’s what gives that “elegant touch” to every collection.
With over 30 years of design experience, Huit aims at pleasing those women who are looking for something classy and essential, that will enhance their curves and emphasize their beauty.
That’s why Huit’s collections are always sensual, feminine and highly refined, thanks to the great attention fashion designers pay to details.

Glamour, fashion, freshness and simplicity: this is what you will find every collection by Huit.
High quality fabrics, beautiful embroideries, metallic rings and playful accessories have [READ MORE]

Pain de Sucre

Pain de Sucre was established 25 years ago in Marseilles, France.
The two men who have created this brand, Bernard Evans and Christian Keusseyan, were quite familiar with the world of fashion, as they took care of choosing prints, materials and colours. Their work had always been influenced by their passion for everything exotic, as we can see from each Pain de Sucre collection.
What these two designers wanted to communicate through their fantastic collections, is that feeling of freedom that you feel when travelling. Travel is, in fact, the pivotal point of this brand, as both swimsuits and Pain de Sucre stores present contrasting colours aimed at… [READ MORE]

Banana Moon

Banana Moon represents the melting pot of its creators’ different cultures. In 1986, in fact, Daniel Flachaire, his wife and Bernard Donati happened to meet a French designer living in the US called Nat Maori. Thanks to this chance encounter, they decided to create a new brand: Banana Moon.
All the elements, such as bright colours, sun and fun, that best characterize the Californian spirit, can be found in every Banana Moon Collection, along with a touch of French high-fashion standards.
Shapes, fabrics, patterns, motifs and colours are specifically chosen to communicate energy, fun and freshness.
Banana Moon offers a wide range of products, including bikinis, tankinis,… [READ MORE]