English brands

Freya Swimwear

Would you like to refresh your look  this summer? If you have finally decided to opt for a swimsuit that will leave everybody breathless, have a look a Freya Swimwear’s latest collections. This company offers both lingerie and swimwear which are designed specifically to satisfy women’s needs, making them feel sexy and feminine. That is why shapes, styles, fabrics and colours are always chosen very carefully by Freya’s designer.

Every woman would like to find a swimsuit that makes her feel good about herself, beautiful and appreciated, this is why Freya’s designers use a wide range of embellishments and decorations, such as bows, buttons and belts, whose purpose is to… [READ MORE]

Eda Swimwear

It is not that easy to come across popular swimwear brands that are not Brazilian. However, today we will talk about an English brand called Eda Swimwear. Eda Swimwear was founded in London and designs swimsuits for both men and women using bright colours and comfortable fabrics.

Unlike other brands, Eda places great importance on versatility which is why its swimwear collections feature many different styles. In other words, this brand does not have a specific target audience or market. If you look at its latest collection, you will find numerous solid colored bikinis, polka dotted swimsuits and a few pieces embellished with metallic decorations so that anyone will find… [READ MORE]

Panache Swimwear

When Anthony Power established Panache in 1982, he had no idea he would end up selling swimwear and accessories alongside lingerie.

Before launching Panache, Power worked as a sales executive for a lingerie firm and realized that very little attention was being given to fuller busted-women who sometimes find it difficult to find the right lingerie and swimwear to fit their body, as they need bras that provide extra support.

Today, Panache is one of the most successful British lingerie manufacturers and exports all over the world, thanks to its website which allows women to purchase lingerie and swimsuits online.

You may find Panache’s stores in the United States, China, [READ MORE]

Ed Hardy Swimwear

French Christian Audigier is not simply a great and talented fashion designer, but also a clever enterpreneur.

In fact, he started his career designing for several renowned brands, such as Lee, Liberto, Kookai, Von Dutch, Naf Naf and founded, then, his own brand: Ed Hardy.

As the brand name itself suggests, American tattoo artist Don Ed Hardy and his fantastic designs have obviously played an important role in the creation of this growing fashion label.

Christian Audigier teamed up with Don Ed Hardy, being one of his biggest fans, and officially launched Ed Hardy Swimwear in 2004, working hard to promote it and advertise it, in order to show his [READ MORE]


It was 1920 when Mr S D Ryall founded Eveden, a brand that has been growing and experimenting new styles over the years and, today, comprises several successful labels, each of whom is specialized in designing particular products.

Freya is one of these “sub-branches”: it was launched in 1998, in order to create high quality lingerie for larger busted women and has subsequently started to design classy and stylish swimwear as well.

Known for its attention to details, beautiful silhouettes and perfect fit, this brand has undergone various changes over subsequent years including more notably, its ownership. However, in spite of these modifications, Freya is very proud of its British [READ MORE]