Brazilian brands

Clube Bossa swimwear

Guilherme Vieira is a Brazilian fashion designer whose passion for swimwear started developing only after he completed his Business studies. Surprisingly, as a boy Guilherme Vieira had no intention to found his own brand as he saw the fashion industry as way too glamorous for him.

Today, his brand Clube Bossa is appreciated by customers and critics all over the world and has numerous popular clients, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Net-a-Porter. Clube Bossa collections are mainly known for their sophisticated details and unusual shapes, as they include both futuristic and traditional swimsuits.

As far as colors are concerned, Guilherme seems to have a passion for contrasting shades which other… [READ MORE]

Limonada Swimwear

Limonada is a very versatile Brazilian swimwear brand whose products are ideal for a wide range of occasions, including exclusive events and pool parties. Most of its swimsuits feature bright, bold colours, such as gold, silver, fuchsia, yellow and lilac, and are embellished with fringes, metallic rings, laces etc.
The great thing about Limonada is that its collections include many different products, including bikinis, monokinis, one-pieces, mens shorts, kaftans and even sarongs, suitable for both women and men of all ages. If you are a young woman looking for a swimsuit that will enhance your body, as well as your feminine curves, you may opt for


Lenny Niemeyer

Lenny Niemeyer is often defined as the Queen of Brazilian summer fashion. She started working as a fashion designer in 1980 and has become known for her modern, innovative and unusual creations which emphasize the female body and stand out with their bold patterns.
Rio de Janeiro has certainly had a strong impact on Lenny Niemeyer’s life in terms of creative inspiration and career opportunities, as it has motivated her to follow her intuition and develop her own personal philosophy.
The history of her brand started many years ago in Sao Paulo, when she went out looking for a swimsuit but couldn’t find anything; that is when Lenny


Larissa Minatto

Larissa Minatto is a famous swimwear brand which was established by a young fashion designer from Catarina, Brazil.

Thousands of women have come to appreciate her collections. They feature very bright colours and simple, classic lines that emphasize the female body, maximizing its strengths and minimizing its most common weaknesses.

Although Brazilian swimwear designers are known for their sexy and extremely “tiny”  creations, Larissa Minatto’s swimsuits are specifically designed to flatter all body types and provide sufficient coverage.

Another aspect that distinguishes Larissa from most fashion designers  is her passion for simplicity, which explains why her swimsuits don’t feature particularly flashy decorations. On the contrary, she prefers focusing on… [READ MORE]

Recco New Beach

Recco New beach is a swimwear brand which was established  more than twentyfive years  ago  in Brazil and has become popular for its innovative approach to fashion design and creative ideas.

Until the late 1990’s, Recco’s creations could only be found in Brazil, a country where people spend a lot of time at the beach and are therefore  always looking for new and comfortable swimsuits. After many years of hard work, Recco’s collections started being distributed to other countries. Today they can be found in boutiques all over the world.

Brazilian women and landscapes certainly play a very important role in inspiring Recco’s fashion designers, who love combining many different… [READ MORE]

Biondi Couture

Biondi Couture is a brand founded in 2005 by Claudine Davis, known for its feminine swimwear collections and accessories. Davis and her team have worked for years to create a special collection that would make every woman appreciate her body, using materials which adhere to the body, emphasizing natural curves. Biondi Couture swimsuits are characterised by simple lines and fresh colours which are chosen specifically to enhance all complexions and to make you look sexy and classy at the same time.

Even though a high percentage of Biondi Couture’s swimsuits come in solid colours, you may personalise them by adding some funky accessories, such as straw hats and chunky necklaces… [READ MORE]