American brands

Hurley Swimwear

Hurley Swimwear is a widely appreciated brand known for its comfortable and durable swimsuits. Unlike other beachwear manufacturers, Hurley’s target market consists of athletes, surfers and people who don’t place too much importance on the latest fashion trends.

In fact, if we look at its latest products, we will find that most of them feature simple patterns and come in solid colours, including navy blue, brown, orange and baby blue. However, it should be noted that Hurley designs and manufactures swimwear for men, women and kids and that its women’s swimwear collections are usually bolder and trendier than its male lines. In view of Hurley Swimwear’s remarkable sales, it could… [READ MORE]

Miraclesuit Swimwear

Most men have no idea how hard it is for some women to wear a short dress, a pair of skinny jeans or a swimsuit without feeling deeply embarrassed. That is because women need to feel beautiful and good about themselves and if they don’t they will do whatever they can to go unnoticed, such as wearing dark colors and hiding their curves.

The funny thing is that numerous surveys have confirmed that men have a tendency to prefer curvy women to skinny ones, as long as their curves are well distributed.

Of course, not all of us have enough time to work out every day, which is why body… [READ MORE]

Jantzen Swimwear

Jantzen is a popular swimwear brand that was founded in 1916. Its first marketing campaigns were very popular among marketing experts and retro swimwear lovers, as they all featured cartoon girls wearing large hats and skirted swimsuits in bright colours, such as baby blue, pink and red.

The Portland Knitting Company, Jantzen’s former parent company, was established by Zehntbauer and Jantzen in 1910. The company produced knitted goods which were then sold in its own retail store.

Jantzen’s origins are strongly linked to Zehntbauer and Jantzen’s passion for rowing, as in the early 1910’s they were asked to design a rowing suit that would keep rowers warm on the cold… [READ MORE]

Roxy Swimwear

Founded in 1990, Roxy is one of those companies that offer a wide range of products, including footwear, clothing and accessories. It has become popular as a sportswear supplier and, as such, it places great importance on both quality and comfort, which are essential when swimming, surfing, climbing and exercising.

Roxy’s swimwear collections are no exception, as they all consist of comfortable swimsuits priced between $25.00 and $100.00. Even though Roxy’s products are targeted at athletic consumers, you don’t have to be a particularly dynamic person to purchase a Roxy swimsuit. So the company has recently started designing more feminine products, featuring delicate floral patterns and less serious designs, so… [READ MORE]

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret swimwear – Victoria’s Secret is an American brand that focuses on women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products.

It was established in San Francisco, California, in 1977, by Roy Raymond, a businessman who felt quite embarrassed about buying lingerie for his wife in department stores.

That’s why he had the brilliant idea of opening a lingerie store, where men would feel comfortable when purchasing women’s wear, thanks to the relaxing interior design and to the helpful staff.

And he really hit the nail on the head! Within a few years he opened other stores, catching the attention of The Limited, which bought Victoria’s Secret aiming to make this high-potential… [READ MORE]

Vitamin A – Swimwear

It was 10 years ago when designer Amahlia Stevens decided to launch her own swimwear line, making the best out of her studies, experience and roots.

This innovative creator, in fact, grew up in California, where people take the sea very seriously.

And it is thanks to this sunny country and its hot people that Amahlia started to draw her first swimsuit collection, featuring very simple colours but an extremely modern cut that has been named the “Californian Cut”, being absolutely new and unique. This particular style is a mix between the extra small Brazilian bikini and the more traditional American cut.

The most surprising fact about this brand… [READ MORE]