Beachwear accessories

Rediscovering the Classic Elegance of Panama Hats

If you are heading off to the beach and you need a trendy hat to wear, you should check out Panama hats. These hats started being crafted in Ecuador centuries ago. However, they are becoming quite popular once again.

You can see famous celebrities walking around in their trendy Panama hats such as Jennifer Aniston, Sienna Miller and Katie Holmes, to name but a few. The classic elegant appeal of this hat makes it well loved by fashion forward men and women worldwide.

Those who are into boho-chic style should definitely consider adding a couple of Panama hats to their accessory collection. Moreover, a Panama hat would be a great… [READ MORE]

Different Ways to Tie a Sarong

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your swimwear then we got just the right swimsuit accessory for you. A sarong is a colourful piece of fabric that is often used as a cover-up by ladies, especially at the beach.

Ladies commonly use it as a skirt to hide the inferior part of their body when wearing their swimwear or they wear it chiefly for fashion’s sake.

This is practical for the sarong and is a very unique piece of clothing in the sense that its fabric is soft and there’s no limit to its colours, prints and patterns.

The sarong originated in Southeast Asia. However, it is… [READ MORE]

Brazilian Sunga

In today’s post we will focus on men as, after all, they too go to the beach and have the right to look steamy hot, and it goes without saying that Brazilian swimwear has a lot to offer to the opposite sex as well.

Brazilian men and women are known for their sculpted bodies and perfect curves, which they show off by wearing very tiny swimsuits. If you go to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, you will find that while most women opt for micro bikinis and monokinis, men are very likely to be spotted in rather tight sungas.

You must be wondering, right about now, what a sunga… [READ MORE]

Ipanema – Gisele Bundchen: Colourful Sea

What happens when a famous supermodel collaborates with one of the coolest flip flop manufacturers in the world? The result is called Ipanema – Gisele Bundchen’s “Colourful Sea”, a collection of trendy thong sandals that have been designed by the Brazilian model herself with a specific target audience in mind.

Because today’s women have lots of challenges to face, such as combining their professional life with their husbands, children and friends, Gisele Bundchen decided to come up with  Colourful Sea, an innovative collection of sandals that can be worn from morning until late night, being extremely comfortable, trendy, elegant and versatile.

The combination of Ipanema’s innovative technologies, which make it… [READ MORE]

Monoi Oil

Monoi is a word deriving from ancient Tahitian, meaning “scented oil”. The so called Monoi oil is, in fact, a lotion Tahitian women have always used to moisturise their skin and protect their hair, especially under the hot sun which, as you surely know, can cause skin dehydration, as well as wrinkles and split-ends.

Is this the secret of Asian women’s beauty?
Maybe. Obviously, we don’t think that is the main reason of their beauty, but it is sure to be a contributing factor.

However, we would like to share this Tahitian secret with you, so that you may treat yourself to Monoi oils and have gorgeous skin, as [READ MORE]

Melissa Shoes

Melissa Shoes is a very innovative Brazilian shoes manufacturer and founder of a whole new fashion philosophy.
This company does not simply care for style and beauty, but also for the world we live in, creating shoes out of recyclable materials, including Melflex, a particular type of plastic that provides extra comfort and durability.
Melissa’s shoes can be either worn at the beach or during any season of the year, just like many celebrities do, including Katy Perry, who loves to use them as everyday footwear to go with her stylish outfits.
Actually, all of Melissa’s shoes are made out of plastic, according to its motto “Plastic [READ MORE]