Caffè Swimwear

Caffè Swimwear has recently launched its online boutique in order to reach a wider audience and take over the whole world. The woman who is behind the beautiful collection is not only incredibly beautiful and remarkably talented, but she is also Colombian.

What does being Colombian have to do with designing beautiful swimsuits? The answer is simple. Although the world is inhabited by hundreds of talented fashion designers, when it comes to swimwear, South America is the place where new trends are set.

Paula Saavedra studied marketing in the United States, and at some point in her career she realized that there are not many high-end swimwear collections out there that are both beautiful and comfortable pieces. In other words, Paula Saavedra believes that comfort should not be sacrificed for the sake of beauty, which is why she decided to launch her own brand, Caffè Swimwear, in 2004.

Caffè’s swimsuits can now be found in over 38 countries across the world and Paula’s latest collections are admired at some of the world’s most important fashion shows.

Caffè’s story is indeed an incredible one, considering its instant success. However, if one looks at Paula’s designs, it is quite easy to understand why this rather original Colombian brand is so popular among fashionistas and chic swimwear lovers.

In fact, ever since the company was founded, Paula has always used the most exquisite materials to manufacture her swimsuits. Below is a perfect example of Paula’s creativity and passion for high end fashion, as can be seen from the unique details that make this bikini one of a kind. The triangle top is embellished with colorful prints which from afar look like sparkly diamonds. The low rise bottom features an elegant belt that has the same colors as the top.

With regards to colors, Paula seems to love to combine different shades in order to create sublime optical effects that set her creations apart from all other swimsuits. Moreover, the sexy cuts that characterize her swimsuits scream “I am a hot Colombian woman!”, while the beautiful shades of green, blue, fuchsia, orange and yellow that decorate not only her swimsuits, but also her cover-ups,  add that funky touch that every woman seeks in a swimsuit.

To sum up, it is evident that Caffè Swimwear is here to stay, so let’s get ready to see more pictures of stunning women in lovely Colombian bikinis as they will soon populate all fashion magazines around the world.

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