Brazilian Wax: Things You Should Know

Some people may be against waxing, but if you want to look sexy and wear a Brazilian bikini, you had better deal with the fact that having a Brazilian is a necessity.

In fact, because Brazilian bikinis are very likely to be composed of tiny tops and even tinier bottoms, women should definitely have their entire pubic area epilated before even considering wearing a Brazilian cut bottom or thong, even though nobody forces you to do so. This is just one of the many unwritten laws that we humans have to follow.

So let’s find out what Brazilian waxing is all about.

In the first place, Brazilian waxing is the most popular of bikini waxes, as well as the most appreciated ever since extra small bikinis became trendy.

It practically involves the removal of pelvic hair and, depending on one’s preference, the beautician may either leave a very thin strip of hair on the front (the so-called landing strip) or wax the entire area.

Is it painful? Yes. Some people find it unbearable to the extent that they faint during the session, but that all depends upon what type of skin one has.
Should you have a very sensitive skin, you had better opt for another hair removal solution, as a Brazilian waxing session would probably cause you bleeding, pain and even infection.

However, there’s nothing to worry about if you do not belong to the aforementioned category, and do not forget that millions of women have opted for this form of waxing and are perfectly comfortable with it.

Now, with regards to the landing strip I mentioned earlier, I honestly think that going through the pain of a Brazilian wax and deliberately chooseing not to complete the work is totally nonsense since, as Lady Gaga would say, “once you kill a cow you gotta make a burger”.

Brazilian waxing has very old origins. They say that Pêro Vaz de Caminha was the first man in history who commented on the Brazilians’ odd “habits” in a letter he wrote to document Pedro Álvares Cabral’s voyage to Brazil in 1500 AD. In this letter, he wrote that the locals’ private parts were completely hairless and exposed and that such a trait did not embarrass the conquistadores.

Evidently, the Brazilians have always placed great importance on clean appearance and, today, women from all over the world seem to share their view.

In the past, it was common belief that Brazilian waxing was a phenomenon limited to the porn industry, but we are glad that people are much more open-minded nowadays.

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