Brazilian Sunga

In today’s post we will focus on men as, after all, they too go to the beach and have the right to look steamy hot, and it goes without saying that Brazilian swimwear has a lot to offer to the opposite sex as well.

Brazilian men and women are known for their sculpted bodies and perfect curves, which they show off by wearing very tiny swimsuits. If you go to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, you will find that while most women opt for micro bikinis and monokinis, men are very likely to be spotted in rather tight sungas.

You must be wondering, right about now, what a sunga is.

A sunga is nothing like the trunks you generally see on men, as they are smaller, tighter and quite scrunchy.

We might compare sungas to American Speedos, even though their waist is lower and they tend to “emphasise” the male body.

Now, if you are a man planning on going to Brazil and having a great time down on the beach, you had better leave your trunks at home and head to a local store as soon as you reach your destination to buy a sunga.

Brazilian sungas come in a plethora of colours, designs and patterns, so you will surely find a model that suits your personal taste. However, what you may find a bit uncomfortable is the fact that these Brazilian Speedos tend to mould to your body and outline your natural “curves”. But, remain assured that you will get used to the new feeling as soon as you reach the beach and blend in with the crowds around you.

Some of the stores where you may find the most beautiful sungas in the whole of South America are Rosa Cha, Blue Man and Bum Bum.

The great thing about the Brazilian sunga is that it allows you to catch a very good tan, which is why it is also known as “mankini”.

You may find sungas provided with elastic bands and/or laces, but do not expect them to be particularly covering as they are meant to outline the male shape, instead of hiding it.

That is why you had better tone your abs a little bit before going for such a daring swimsuit and, should you be particularly hairy, you might want to contact a Brazilian wax aesthetician, even though, I warn you, it is said to be quite painful.

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