Blue Seventy Swimwear

Blue Seventy Swimwear is a brand which was founded in 1993 in New Zealand and specializes in racing swimwear. This company has become increasingly popular over the past few years and has established various branches in Napier (New Zealand), Seattle (USA) and Bath (UK).

Ever since Blue Seventy Swimwear started selling performance swimwear aimed at athletes and professional swimmers, its philosophy has remained unvaried. In fact, the company has always wanted to create products that would encourage and help professional swimmers to realize their full potential.

In order to achieve this goal, Blue Seventy focuses on quality and resistance and uses highly durable materials. Moreover, its designers spend hours analysing new ideas and devising new solutions aimed at enhancing their customers’ performance.

The company boasts of a very strict quality control process which every single item has to pass before reaching retail stores. Blue Seventy Swimwear’s attention to detail, precision and hard work are among the reasons why numerous athletes and amateurs trust and love its products.

Some say that Blue Seventy racing swimsuits should be worn by anyone who wishes to win a swimming race, as several professional swimmers have claimed that Blue Seventy products have partly contributed to their success. Unlike many other brands which have reached popularity thanks to famous athletes, Blue Seventy Swimwear has kept its prices low in order to allow anyone to purchase its products and benefit from their excellent quality.

Any racing swimwear expert will tell you that Blue Seventy Swimwear is a brand that truly offers products which last a lifetime, mainly thanks to the remarkable amount of Lycra and nylon that it uses to make its swimsuits. Moreover, all of its products feature UV protection and great compression, which contribute to make them extremely resistant.

The majority of Blue Seventy’s products are solid-colored wetsuits and one-piece swimsuits, which are usually decorated by geometric patterns and feature bright colors like yellow, fuchsia, blue and turquoise. The image below portrays a typical swimsuit by Blue Seventy, which is embellished with pink, white, blue, red and fuchsia stripes. It also features two cross-back straps which is sure to enhance its wearer’s back.

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