Blue Man

This exquisite Brazilian beachwear label is run by David Azulay, a very successful entepreneur, who has many years of experience.
The story of this brand begins in the 70′s, in the mystical Ipanema.
David has always considered himself less devoted to fashion than his elder brother, Simon Azulay, who, on the other hand, has always been strongly connected to the fashion universe.
And that’s why the two brothers decided to dive into the beachwear business together, David, taking care of the accounting and Simon, designing his first swimsuits, including the denim bikini that attracted a lot of interest.

The shock was great. After all, it was the 70′s and people where not used to see such innovative swimsuits, as the ones produced by the label. In a short time, women were so addicted to these bikinis, that every shop started to order huge quantities of them.

As summer arrived, David got very surprised at seeing most of women in Ipanema wearing the very denim bikinis designed by his brother, and, being a smart businessman, he saw the potential of the product.

In order to expand the market, he went to Sao Paulo and he succeeded as he sold several pieces to some of the most important stores in town.

After some time, bikinis and swimsuits by Blue Man could be found in Paris, Milan and New York, so that the owners decided to develop the brand, by creating new prints, motifs and the famous bikini pouch, whose waist could be bound to one’s desire.

Today, Blue Man is considered to be one of the finest examples of high quality Brazilian craftsmanship and its products are sold all over the world.

In spite of their success, the Azulay brothers have never wanted to change the brand philosphy: appearing on the most important fashion magazines pleases them but their first thought goes out to women, in order to make them feel sensual, trendy and comfortable.


Hippy-chic is back.


Adjustable bikini with playful motifs.


Multi-coloured two pieces with fresh prints.


Stylish one piece with repeated designs.


Sexy bikini with adjustable bottom and particular features.


7 Responses to “Blue Man”

  1. Marge says:

    I’d like to know where Blue Man bikinis can be purchased online. I’m in Italy. Grazie.

  2. genevieve says:

    I’m in South Africa and want 2 know where I xan get some of ur fashion from????

  3. jenni212 says:

    vai su ebay c’e blue man

  4. Leonardo says:

    Dove su E-bay?
    Puoi darmi l’indirizzo della pagina?

  5. Elisabeth. says:

    Me encantas vuestros bikinis i ba├▒adores pero me gustaria saber donde puedo comprar ya sea en Barcelona, Andorra o por e-mail.
    Muchas gracias por adelantado.

  6. Miz Taken says:

    I modeled for Blue Man in 1979 in Miami. I still have all my old suits. I want to post them as they are still awesome!

  7. view it now says:

    view it now…

    Blue Man | Brazilian Bikini Blog…