Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber extracted from the pulp of the bamboo grass, used to make the so called “bamboo fabric”, a natural textile that is largely used by many manufacturers thanks to its excellent properties.

First, bamboo fabric is not only light and strong, but also a powerful antibacterial and disinfectant, which is the reason why it is used to make many sanitary materials, including bandages, masks, surgical clothes, sanitary towels and food packing.

Thanks to its natural properties, bamboo fiber can absorb and evaporate human sweat in a few seconds and does not require any chemical process, which means that it will not cause any skin reaction.

Furthermore, it gives a fantastic feeling of coolness, making this fabric particularly suitable to be worn on hot summer days.

Today, thanks to its unparalleled advantages, bamboo fiber is used to make towels, blankets, t shirts, socks and everything related to underwear, being very soft, comfortable and antibacterial.

According to several tests, garments made from bamboo fabric are 1-2 degrees lower than other types of garments and keep you cool and dry, thanks to the “channels” that compose the fabric.

Also, bamboo fabrics have a fantastic wet permeability, water absorbency and are able to take bright dye colours, giving manufacturers the possibility to create colourful apparels, without compromising the advantages given by this natural fiber.

These are some of the reasons why mothers are very likely to choose garments made from bamboo fabric for their babies, since it is sure to not irritate their soft and tender skin.

Unfortunately, many companies use extensive bleaching processes to turn the fabric into white, for mere aesthetic purposes, but you may find several products made from unbleached bamboo fiber, which are sure to be preferable if you have allergies or simply don’t like wearing synthetic fabrics.

Even swimwear manufacturers have recently discovered the benefits of this innovative fiber and have started to use it with popular textile fibers like lycra, cotton and spandex to make their swimsuit collections.

In fact, it is now official that swimsuits made from bamboo fabric (obviously, in addition to other fabrics) are much more comfortable, fresh and dry quicker, letting your skin breathe much better.

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