Babalu Swimwear

Lourdes Hanimian , the founder of Luli Fama, has recently launched her new summer collection, Babalu Swimwear.

Although this brand isn’t as successful as Luli Fama, it is bound to become widely appreciated among celebrities. Given the recent popularity of all things South American, probably as a result of the Pitbull mania that is spreading all over the world.

Unlike Luli Fama swimsuits, which are elegant, sophisticated, most Babalu bikinis and monokinis feature dramatic patterns and designs. This makes them incredibly sexy and also quite difficult to wear, unless you have a great body.

The bikini shown in the picture below should give you a more precise idea of what Babalu Swimwear stands for.

Both the top and bottom seem to be made of a velvet looking mixture of spandex, lycra and other fibres. They give the bikini a luxurious and expensive touch. However, the seriousness of the dark blue is minimized by the colourful patchwork that decorates both pieces.

Unlike the top, the bottom is incredibly tiny and leaves very little to the imagination. So if you are planning on getting this bikini, or a similar one, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with Brazilian wax first.

Nowadays, Hanimian’s swimsuits are designed and manufactured in Miami; here Hanimian and his brother in law make sure that their creations always stand out for their beauty and sexiness, as they are meant for those women who want to look feminine and leave everyone breathless everytime they go to the beach. Similarly to Luli Fama, Babalu’s bathing suits can now be found in over 40 countries, mainly thanks to the distributors that are promoting them abroad.

As for the materials used to manufacture these super tiny swimsuits, quality is one of Hanamian’s top priorities. This is why all of his creations are made of the most comfortable and resistant materials. Natural fibres are widely used in both Luli Fama and Babalu’s collections. This is because they let the skin transpire without losing their elasticity.

But quality isn’t the only thing that will make you fall for Babalu ! In fact, this brand new collection is characterized by bright colours, sexy lines and particular patterns that you can easily embellish with metallic accessories if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Below are two more examples of Hanimian’s creativity. As can be seen, both swimsuits have been designed specifically to emphasize the hips, waist and cleavage and come in lovely bright colours that flatter all skin tones, especially the darker ones.

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  1. luisa says:

    Me surge una inquietud porque aquí figura como si esta marca fuera creación también de la señora Lourdes y ésta es una marca colombiana nativa de Medellín- colombia
    En los posts de Paradizia, si se aclara por ejemplo de dónde es la creación pero por el contrario acá, se crea confusión con el post


    Babalu plavky | Brazilian Bikini Blog…


    Babalu plavky | Brazilian Bikini Blog…

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    Babalu plavky | Brazilian Bikini Blog…