Anne Cole

Anne Cole Swimwear is a beachwear brand which is known among fashion lovers for its elegance and traditional views. Anne Cole’s founder started selling swimsuits in several European cities and then expanded worldwide, launching new stores in the world’s most important capital cities.

Anne Cole’s collections are characterized by sober and bright colours which are ideal for a wide range of occasions, such as a relaxing day at the beach or a glamorous poolside event, just to mention two examples.

Anne Cole’s bikinis are sexy, feminine yet sober, elegant and not too flashy. This is because their creator has always wanted her customers to be able to express their strong personality without having to wear eye catching clothes. In other words, her goal is to let women show off their femininity through elegant and classy swimsuits.

However, if you would like to add a modern touch to your summer look, you may embellish your Anna Cole’s swimsuit with metallic bracelets, rings, necklaces and light coloured hats.

As well as being trendy and beautiful, all of Anne Cole’s swimsuits are made of top quality material, which are also comfortable and chlorine resistant. That means that as long as you take good care of your swimsuit, it will last a lifetime

Looking at the latest collections, it can be seen that Anne Cole takes her inspiration from many different styles and historical periods because some of her creations seem to be rather “retro” while others are surprisingly modern and innovative. So doing, Anne Cole enables women to choose different swimsuits for different occasions, ensuring that all of her creations are elegant and sophisticated.

The above picture portrays a typical bikini by Anne Cole. It consists of a halter neck bandeau top and a colourful high waisted bottom which gives the whole swimsuit a retro touch. It is characterized by a combination of floral patterns and bright, delicate colours, such as pink, orange, yellow and fuchsia. All these warm colours are emphasized by a deep black background which adds an elegant touch to the whole swimsuit and makes it ideal for both young and older women who are looking for a swimsuit that is trendy and sophisticated at the same time.

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