Amanzi Swimwear

Amanzi is a very particular brand that has been founded specifically to provide professional swimmers and athletes with comfortable chlorine resistant swimsuits.

Considering the company’s target market, anyone would expect its swimsuits to be plain coloured and not too feminine, which is why I was surprised when I first saw its products. Flowers, dolls, butterflies, palm trees, rainbows, castles, magic wands and imaginary heroines are just some of the things that you will find printed on Amanzi’s swimsuits.

Even though most of them come in the same style, they are all made unique by their original designs and bold colours which are sure to create quite an impact. As you can imagine, there are not many professional swimmers out there who would agree to show up at an important event in a one-piece swimsuit portraying a princess next to her castle or a doll standing close to a red bus and an underground sign.

However, there are certain technical characteristics which make Amanzi’s swimsuits ideal for athletes, such as 100% chlorine resistance, remarkable strength, durability, UV protection, shape retention, softness and comfort. Moreover, the material that Amanzi uses to make its swimsuits is a special fabric that was developed by its own experts. They feature low absorbency and dry very quickly. To promote the quality of their swimsuits, Amanzi has recently named its innovative fabric “Amanzi Armor”. They are hoping that professional swimmers will appreciate its qualities.

Although Amanzi’s swimsuits are undoubtedly unique and their patterns may not be particularly sophisticated, there are dozens of swimwear brands.  All offer pretty much the same kind of products and are interested in the same market, usually trendy and/or beautiful women. We can not deny that with its Amanzi Armor and funky colours, the company has shown remarkable courage and whether it will be rewarded for its efforts or not will depend on how effectively it will market its original products.

Should the company realize that there is no market for their swimsuits, demand could be easily created by simply getting a widely appreciated athlete to wear their colourful swimsuits…just an idea!

In the meantime, because Amanzi’s swimsuits come in all sizes, if you have a daughter who loves princesses and enchanted castles, you’ll certainly make her happy by getting her something like this.

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