Feminine, classy and sophisticared are some of the words that describe Aguaclara, a worldwide renowned brand which manufactures its fantastic swimsuits in Peru.

This fresh label takes inspiration from the amazing elements that characterize South America: wild nature, breathtaking landscapes and, obviously, beautiful women.

It was established in Lima, Peru, in 1989, gaining average success among the local people and growing step by step, until it became the leader beachwear brand that it is today. Its creators are the Villalobos siblings Liliana and Jorge, whose aim was to offer comfortable, up-to-date products that would feature colours, designs, motifs and shades inspired by the Amazon and the Andes.

That’s why most of Aguaclara’s swimsuits are coloured in green, brown, red, sky blue and white, enriched with details, such as metallic rings, accessories, shiny embroideries and so on.

Owner of 7 stores in Peru, Aguaclara produces more than 15.000 swimsuits a month, exporting all over the world.

Aguaclara’s designer swimsuits are specifically designed for those women who love fashion and travel a lot—the kind of woman who’s constantly seeking the latest and sexiest trends; however, you may see that every collection by Aguaclara features strong ethnic roots, being the brand’s creators deeply and significantly influenced by the Peruvian culture and traditions.

This natural and exotic flair is combined with the great passion Aguaclara’s designers have for art, beauty and technology, resulting in resistant and modern swimsuits that are sure to make any woman look as sexy and comfortable as ever.

After many years of experience, this brand is sure to produce unique bikinis, one-pieces, monokinis, tankinis and kaftans that will set you apart from everybody else at the beach. Thanks to the elaborate embroidery patterns, original prints and big accessories, you will be able to express your style, combining different pieces and matching the accessories that you like the most, creating an outstanding look that will speak your mind.

These are the reasons why Aguaclara has become so popular on a worldwide scale, getting to export its swimsuits to all South America, France, Greece, Australia, Poland, Lebanon and so on. Also, it has been featured on several magazines and editorials, such as Ocean Drive, Collezione Beachwear, Diva and Las Vegas Magazine.

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