Agua Bendita

Agua Bendita is a trendy and fresh brand founded in 2003 by two Colombian designers, Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, who wanted to set their products apart from any other swimwear manufacturer, making originality their strong point.

Even though being original in a world that is constantly discovering new things is not easy at all, Agua Bendita seems to have found the perfect formula to be unique and successful.
But what is this formula and how did Catalina and Mariana elaborate it?
The interesting mix of past and future, tradition and modernity, handmade and technology is the basis of the whole Agua Bendita production process.

In the end, we get exclusive and unique pieces, featuring dreamy, colourful and surreal prints, along with innovative and resistant materials.
This chic and modern brand actually produces for both sexes and is mainly targeted to spirited, sexy, glamorous women and self confident men, who do not want to go unnoticed, wearing something “invisible”.
Agua Bendita does not simply offer swimsuits, but a vast range of accessories that will surely complete your fantastic “beachwear look”, including bags, sandals, sarongs and board shorts.
Furthermore, you will find that Agua Bendita creates comfortable sportswear and beautiful lingerie, designed according to the brand philosophy, with an additional touch of “sensuality”.

Every single piece is sure to be unique, thanks to its manual process that assures the highest attention to details and the pleasure of wearing something eye-catching.
Definitely noteworthy is the last collection by Agua Bendita, called “Heavenly Delights”, being inspired by all things sweet, delicious and, obviously, “heavenly”.
According to Catalina and Mariana, the main goal of their brand is to give people joy and allow them to express their creativeness by wearing something “artistic” and “avant-gardist”.
In fact, behind each swimsuit, there are several phases that complete the whole production process, from the study of outstanding designs to the application of those details that have made Agua Bendita a synonym for uniqueness and quality.

As we can see from the picture above, cut-outs, colours and patterns, along with the matching bag, are absolutely original and breathtaking.
Last but not least, Agua Bendita founders have chosen this beautiful and globally renowned model, named Candice Swanepoel, to represent their brand worldwide, in order to express more directly and clearly the young and chic spirit of their creations.

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