14 August 2011: Rio de Sol Takes Palm Beach

When you hear the name Palm Beach, your mind automatically goes to sandy beaches accented with beautiful palms and the back drop of an endless ocean. What better place to host a fashion show to promote your swimwear and other accessories?

A Brazilian company named Rio de Sol is one step ahead with the idea. This company promotes its beach wear on the Palm Beaches of Cannes in France. Being a company that makes all types of swimwear for both males and female, they take the time each summer to bring their collection to life.

Nothing this big can happen without perfect models. The male models were packed with the abs and muscles needed to accentuate the multi coloured trunks they modeled. The females were modeling flat stomachs that served as a filler between two sexy piece bikini sets. All the swimwear had vibrant colours and prints that just scream beach wear.

The models were sporting reds, lime greens, oranges and teal blues. You name the colour, they were wearing it. Prints ranged from stripes to polka dots. Some of the more creative pieces had a combination of solid pieces accented with a patterned design. What is an event without champagne and good food? All the models and on lookers enjoyed red carpet treatment at the pool side of a terrace. The back drop of this event couldn’t have been more perfect then the Mediterranean Sea. This, along with the palm trees, made beautiful pictures to preserve the event each year.

Anyone can manufacture a bathing suit or trunks, but it takes class and hard work to pull off an event that allows the consumer to not only see your product first hand, but also to celebrate it with the company. This is also a great opportunity for new models who are looking for a start in the modeling industry to promote themselves. It’s a fashion show so they never knew who might be watching.

The reviews for this spectacular annual event gave it a 5 star rating. On the 14th day of August, 2011 Rio de Sol Fashion Tour of Cannes will did it again. Those who had been before returned, but the company was always looking for new faces. Like having fun on the shore and a good fashion piece then this event was the perfect place to sisit. Look forward to seeing you at the pool side next year.


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