Maui Bademoden

When you have too many options, it gets really difficult to make the right choice, as your brain receives so many inputs you could end up more confused than you were before. It is in similar situations that we should pay attention to those “details” that many people consider secondary, such as quality and comfort. You may walk into a shop and find lots of bikinis that you love and then find out that none of them are lined or that the stitching is not as accurate as it seemed to be at first glance.

Another factor that we should keep in mind when shopping for swimsuits is our body shape, because a swimsuit that looks great in a catalogue or 0n someone else could hide our strengths and emphasize all our “weaknesses”. Maui swimsuits are made of top quality materials and are designed specifically to flatter most body shapes. So, if you haven’t yet found anything that really flatters your figure, you might want to take this brand into consideration.
According to its greatest fans, Maui Swimswear embodies South American elegance, mystery and beauty with its elaborate patterns and bold colours.
Its swimsuits will no doubt bring out your femininity and sensuality, giving you an ethereal look. This brand was created in 2007 by Natalia and Catalina Castellanos. Their intention was to create something that would remind us of the magic of nature by using exotic colours, laboured designs and sophisticated fabrics.
Some have defined their creations as “jewels” that can only be worn by beautiful women that possess the right qualities to do them justice.
Here is a perfect example of Maui’s elegance: the patterns and the intense colours remind us of clear water and those enchanted forests we usually find in fantasy movies.

If you prefer something more exotic, here is a bikini featuring a beautiful floral pattern. The bottom isn’t too skimpy, which means that you don’t have to be super thin to wear it, while the top clearly enhances the cleavage with its wide straps.

Maui Swimwear collections also include tunics, kaftans and cover-ups to go with their beautiful swimsuits. What makes them different from all other cover-ups? Simple: despite being made of extremely light and fresh materials, they seem to be made of velvet, silk and other elegant fabrics.

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