Wie man einen zu Ihrer Hautfarbe passenden Badeanzug auswählt

Depending on your skin colour, you should avoid certain colours, as they would not enhance your beauty. On the contrary, they could actually discourage the entire result making your skin look dull.

When it comes to swimwear, and even though swimsuits cover only small parts of our bodies, there are many tricks that can help both men and women to emphasise their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

And if you are a perfectionist, you will probably search for precise colours when shopping for swimwear, because you know that certain colours can make you look glamorous and fabulous, while others simply do not match your figure.

The colour of your eyes, for example, play a very important role when it comes to choosing the right swimsuit. You should choose for a mixture of colours that will make your eyes stand out.

So let’s analyse each case:

If you have ivory-coloured skin, chestnut brown or black hair and dark eyes, you should choose for white, black, deep red, navy blue or bright pink swimsuit. Neutral colours, such as beige and gold as well as orange and pastel colours, would leave your skin less shiny instead of enhancing its delicateness and elegance.

If you have medium to dark brown skin, brown or black eyes and hair, you can improve your body by wearing bold colours such as turquoise, ruby red, emerald green and amethyst purple. In short, go for a sumptuous swimsuit and make sure it is decorated with golden chains and rings. Earthy colours and pastels should definitely be avoided.

If you have bronze to light brown skin with dark blonde, auburn or highlighted hair and green or hazel eyes, you will no doubt look fabulous in earthy colours, such as rust, gold, camel, beige, brown, chocolate brown. Do not wear any kind of blue, especially baby blue and turquoise in particular.

Women with a pale or light coloured skin and natural blonde or light brown hair and blue or green eyes should enhance their natural freshness by wearing sherbet colours, except from orange, cinnamon and blue. Avoid dark colours such as brown and black.

Women with a peach-coloured skin or a light skin with freckles with blonde or light red hair and light coloured eyes should choose bold colours such as lime or fresh apple green, mocha or cinnamon brown. Dark and dull shades are definitely not recommended.

Women with dark or black skin, who usually have dark hair and dark eyes, should wear bright and bold colours to enhance their body. Orange, yellow, red, green and lime are strongly recommended. Stay away from brown and black.

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