Swimwear for Curvy Women: Tips and Tricks

Most women find it difficult to believe that the majority of men prefer curvy women to extremely thin ones.

Of course, this is no excuse to stop exercising and start gaining weight, not only because that would make us lose confidence in ourselves, but also to stay fit and avoid certain foods which are the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

However, you don’t need to kill yourself in the gym, because you might end up losing those curves that make you a woman and make you feel confident about yourself.

On the contrary, depending on the specific shape of your body, you might want to learn a few tips which [READ MORE]

Home Tanning: How to Get an Amazing Tan at Home

So, if your friends make fun of you because your skin is so pale because you found yourself accidentally on the set of the TV-series Twilight Saga, nobody could tell the difference between you and Edward Cullen.

Well, considering that most fashion designers are working on their collections for Summer 2011, and they have already stated that nobody should hit the beach next summer without a perfectly tanned body, here are a few tips for you to get tanned at home, without spending a fortune on treatments at the local beauty salon.

So here are a few tips you need to get that so-longed-for tan: a very small bikini if… [READ MORE]

Tips to Get a Flat Stomach Before Summer Starts

So it’s time to shop for sexy swimwear but, considering that low waist bikini bottoms and trunks will be THIS summer’s trend, we better start working out NOW in order to be ready to hit the beach.

In this article we will give you a few tips to get rid of that not-very-nice-to-look-at tummy, and flatten and tone your stomach so that you will be able to wear whatever swimsuit you like without feeling the least bit uncomfortable.

Keep the following rules and tips in mind and you will have a flat stomach in two weeks.

1. Believe it or not, but breathing is very important. To practice sports and… [READ MORE]

Fashion Trends for the Summer of 2011

We hope you are ready for THIS summer because fashion designers are already working on their summer collections for 2011.

So, according to the rumours, there are many changes on the horizon.

In the first place, while in 2010 a pale skin was trendy, probably because of the great success that the TV-series Twilight Saga has had among both teenagers and adults, we had better rushed off to the nearest beauty salon as John Galliano and his colleagues want us to be tanned, very tanned, for the upcoming summer.

Swimsuits will feature bold colours and irregular patterns, with oriental motifs and deep colours such as purple, burgundy, Venetian red, and… [READ MORE]

Babikinis: Choose the Right Bikini for your Kids

Ever heard of babikinis? It’s the name we use for bikinis for babies. Exactly, swimwear for children exists and represents an important market share for fashion designers.

Whether you need a babikini for your child or are simply seeking a cool gift for your best friends baby, we suggest you surf the net and you’ll find tons of original swimsuits, including one-part pieces, bikinis and even beach accessories to match your chosen model.

Now, depending on the age of the child and your personal preference, there are many brands you may choose from, considering that several brands focus on specific target groups.

Roxy is an excellent brand that offers [READ MORE]

Brazilian Sunga

In today’s post we will focus on men as, after all, they too go to the beach and have the right to look steamy hot, and it goes without saying that Brazilian swimwear has a lot to offer to the opposite sex as well.

Brazilian men and women are known for their sculpted bodies and perfect curves, which they show off by wearing very tiny swimsuits. If you go to Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, you will find that while most women opt for micro bikinis and monokinis, men are very likely to be spotted in rather tight sungas.

You must be wondering, right about now, what a sunga… [READ MORE]