Beach Accessories and Jewellery for Men

What is the difference between a man wearing a watch, a tie and a stainless steel bracelet and those who wear no accessories at all?

Some men still see jewellery as a threat to their credibility and manhood and we can’t really blame them when we think of those young boys who wear chunky earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, belts and silver knuckle dusters.

Everybody is at liberty to wear whatever accessories they like, but if you are a man who would like to complete his outfits without ending up looking immature or, even worse, tacky, there are a few simple golden rules that you should keep in mind.

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What Beach Accessories Flatter Your Skin Tone?

When it comes to fashion, accessories are just as important as clothes as they can define an outfit’s character. Moreover, you should know that the accessories and jewellery you wear say a lot about your personality, which means that it won’t be difficult for a complete stranger to tell whether you are shy, sensitive, self-confident or aggressive.

Beach accessories are no different. If you want to complete your summer look by adding a few accessories, it is important that you think twice before making a decision. In fact, while a child can afford to wear as many colourful necklaces as she likes, we adults have to stick to a few… [READ MORE]

Latest Trends: Retro Swimwear

Standing out on the beach was not an easy task in the early ’40’s, as swimsuits pretty much all looked the same, even though patterns and colours changed. That is because it was considered vulgar for a woman to show “too much skin”, no matter how beautiful she was. Basically, women had two main options to choose from: one-piece swimsuits and bikinis which had a high waste bottom and covering tops.

Now, you too have two options if you are into all things retro: you can either choose for vintage swimwear or vintage-inspired reproductions. You can imagine what the differences between the two are: original vintage pieces can be quite… [READ MORE]

How to Choose a Swimsuit that Suits your Skin Colour

Abhängig von Ihrem Hautton sollten Sie bestimmte Farben vermeiden, da Sie Ihre Schönheit nicht unterstreichen würden. Im Gegenteil, sie könnten tatsächlich zu einem insgesamt entmutigenden Ergebnis führen und Ihren Badeanzug langweilig wirken lassen.

Die Bademode und ganz besonders die Badeanzüge, bedecken nur einen kleinen Teil unserer Körper und es gibt eine Menge Tricks, die Männern und Frauen helfen können, Ihre Stärken hervorzuheben und die Schwächen zu kaschieren.

Und wenn Sie ein Perfektionist sind, würden Sie vielleicht nach der genauen Farbe beim Einkaufen suchen, da Sie wissen, dass einzelne Farben Sie glamourös und fabelhaft aussehen lassen, während andere einfach nicht zu Ihnen passen.

Die Farbe Ihrer Augen spielt beispielsweise eine… [READ MORE]

UV Line Protects You Against the Harmful Effects of UV Rays

Because fashion designers want us to show off an amazing tan this summer, we must arm ourselves with better products and accessories that will filter harmful UV rays. We will not have to deal with those horrible dark spots that appear between August and September or, if we think further, with even worse problems.

There is a golden rule we should never forget: too much of anything can be dangerous, the sun included.
Spending too many hours in direct sunlight or on sun beds may actually lead to premature aging, dehydration but can also cause skin cancer.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that we should spend our entire lives… [READ MORE]

After Sun Care: How to Moisturize Your Skin After a Long Day at The Beach

We all love summer because we get to go to the beach, spending many pleasant and relaxing hours there, getting tanned under the warm sun.

People get tanned for a number of reasons, including medical ones, since it is widely known that sunrays have many benefits and can contribute considerably to strengthening our bones. Moreover, a tanned body will look thinner, healthier and, let’s admit it, look hotter.

However, UV rays can be harmful in the sense that they might cause several skin-related problems, cancers and a dry skin, which is why it is important that we all use a good medium SPF sunscreen before lying in the sun.