Why Halter Neck Swimwear Flatters Your Figure

Swimsuit shopping is probably the most daunting task on every woman’s shopping list this summer. Even if you have a perfectly toned body, there’s always that specific body part that you want to hide from the world. Swimsuits are undoubtedly among the scariest pieces of clothing ever invented. Choose the wrong style plus the wrong fit and you could end up looking 10 pounds heavier.

On the contrary, a perfect swimsuit should camouflage and hide all the little imperfections . It should enhance a woman’s body by showing off her curves but not all women know their bodies that well. That is why finding the perfect swimwear surely takes a… [READ MORE]

Summer Trends: Animal Swimwear

When we talk about animal prints we can’t help mentioning Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli’s collections.

He is the one who has made animalier prints trendy and classy in a world where plain-colored suits and optical-printed dresses were nearly the only two options women could choose from.

Even though Cavalli is the designer who has made animalier prints popular, many other successful stylists such as Giorgio Armani, Emilio Pucci and Yves Saint Laurent have included leopard and zebra print dresses, handbags, totes, purses, swimsuits and shoes in their collections.

As beautiful as animalier prints may be, however, it is important that you don’t make the mistake of matching leopard-print clothes… [READ MORE]

How to Choose The Right Swimsuit (for Men)

As obsessed with their bodies as they may be, women won’t deny that men, unlike them, are not very lucky when it comes to swimwear.

The swimwear industry has always revolved around women, probably because they are the ones who, more than men, are not afraid to try new styles and their vanity forces them to buy lots of swimsuits every year, while most men can wear the same swimsuit for several years in a row, until they finally decide to replace when it becomes worse for wear.

However, young men seem to have developed a very strong sense of style, which is why I think they too have the… [READ MORE]

What to Wear to a Poolside Party?

A summer won’t be complete without getting invited or hosting your own poolside or beach party.  The right swimsuits and accessories will get you in the mood to party it up or lay back and relax while sipping margaritas and piña coladas.

You can choose from a variety of stylish swimsuits. A tankini and a one-piece will be great if you want more coverage. You can never go wrong with a v-necked one-piece.

There are also many cute vintage-inspired one-pieces and brightly colored tankinis that is sure to flatter every figure out there. Swimsuits with polka dots and those with a vintage sailor feel are so on trend right now.… [READ MORE]

An Insight into The Latest Beach Cover up Trends

Cover up dresses have recently become very popular among women, which is why many fashion designers and brands have launched their own collections.

Unlike actual dresses, cover up dresses are usually a bit more loose fitting, light, easy to wear and, most of the time, slightly see through.

It goes without saying that you should wear a swimsuit underneath a cover up dress, even though there are women who wear them to parties as well, especially in countries with tropical climates. However, you are supposed to wear a cover up on your way to and from the beach or swimming pool.

Cover up dresses come in a wide array… [READ MORE]

Pick the Right Swimsuit for Your Honeymoon

Whether you’re getting hitched this summer or planning a romantic escape with that special someone, a woman should always be armed with her special weapons. That will be her killer confidence, beautiful smile, and sparkling personality with the right attitude.

These great assets, coupled with a little help from flattering clothes and the right beauty essentials, will make your man fall for you even more. This summer is undoubtedly the perfect time to go on a daring tropical adventure or a relaxing vacation with your lover as you pamper each other with your love.

The honeymoon is the perfect time to get to know your lover to a greater extent… [READ MORE]