Tori Spelling: 90210hhh No

There are so many things wrong with this picture that I don’t even know where to begin. Why don’t we start off with the train wreck of a bikini, hmm?

Tori, love, what on earth were you thinking when you dragged that out of your closet? Don’t get me wrong, that’s an adorable swim suit…but it doesn’t look so hot on you darling.

Hate to break it to you. I know that you had two kids, and that bringing children into this world is a gift, and all of that jazz, but plenty of celebrities have also had children, and they do not have stretch marks the size of… [READ MORE]

Mark Salling: Beach Boy

I was already a fan of the Fox hit TV show Glee, but Mr. Mark Salling makes watching the show all that more enjoyable, especially for the ladies. I know he plays a high school kid, but in reality he is twenty-eight, so it’s not as if he is completely out of my league!

Well, he is a couple of years older, but isn’t that the norm nowadays? Anyway, this isn’t the point. The point is that this man is smoking both on and off screen, and he is even more attractive when he is half naked.

And he has that incredibly heart melting scowl that just makes women want [READ MORE]

Zac Efron: Sexy Beast

Where do I even begin to start with this hot piece of man cake? His chiseled body? His great hair? That adorable smile? It’s all so overwhelming. Why don’t we start with the most important part, shall we? You got it ladies. We’re going to go in depth about this young star’s muscles.

I just can’t help myself. Efron must work out twenty-four/seven. How else did he get that magnificent body? He looks as if he could be a Greek statue in a posh museum. He doesn’t have a six pack of abs, oh no, that’s not enough for this man.

He had to go all the way and make… [READ MORE]

Eva Herzigova- Supermodel or Super Skinny?

It’s officially spring, and you can tell because pictures of celebrities flaunting their stuff on the beach are starting to circulate. One picture in particular caught my eye, and that is this picture of supermodel Eva Herzigova.

At first glance, I almost missed her, that’s how thin she is. I know she’s a model and that she needs to be thin in order to continue to work, but come on people!

Yes, we all know that society pressures women to be thin and slender so that men will love them, but I think that this is taking it a wee bit too far, don’t you?

Men like women with at… [READ MORE]

Anna Lynne McCord- Pretty In Pink

Anna Lynne McCord is as stunning as ever in this gorgeous pink frilled bikini. The colour of the suit does wonders to bring out her subtle golden toned skin, and helps to bring out her fake and natural highlights in her hair. Anna really knows her fashion.

Ruffles accentuate small busts, so the fact that she chose to wear a ruffled bikini showing off her normally small chest was a very wise decision.

I’m not too fond of the ruffle skirt type thing that’s glued to the front of the bikini bottoms though. To me it looks that she’s wearing a super short micro mini skirt that isn’t able… [READ MORE]

Lindsay Lohan: Bruises and Blonde Hair

Lindsay Lohan is a successful actress and pop singer. She started working as a model at the age of 3 and everybody saw her as a lovely kid until, at around 16, her body started to change and nobody could help noticing that she was turning into a beautiful woman.

She soon got rid of the teenage clothes that had been accompanying her throughout her adolescence and switched to a more aggressive, sexier style.

Her freckles and natural red hair have always been her particularity, even though someone must have convinced her that she looks better with blonde hair. Most people don’t seem to agree with that “someone”, as now [READ MORE]