Bikini designers

Luli Fama

They say that it takes two things to launch a new brand: quality products and a wicked marketing campaign. Luli Fama’s swimsuits are undoubtedly stunning. However, the brand didn’t get much attention until Irina Shayk, one of the most beautiful and famous models in the world, was contacted by Lourdes Hanimian (Luli) and her brother in law to promote their creations.

Lourdes was born in Cuba and brought up in Miami, where Luli Fama swimsuits are designed and manufactured. Augusto was born in Argentina. They both appreciate art and quality, which is why they prefer importing handmade jewelry and fine fabrics from all over the world, rather than just… [READ MORE]

Caffè Swimwear

Caffè Swimwear has recently launched its online boutique in order to reach a wider audience and take over the whole world. The woman who is behind the beautiful collection is not only incredibly beautiful and remarkably talented, but she is also Colombian.

What does being Colombian have to do with designing beautiful swimsuits? The answer is simple. Although the world is inhabited by hundreds of talented fashion designers, when it comes to swimwear, South America is the place where new trends are set.

Paula Saavedra studied marketing in the United States, and at some point in her career she realized that there are not many high-end swimwear collections out there… [READ MORE]

Panache Swimwear

When Anthony Power established Panache in 1982, he had no idea he would end up selling swimwear and accessories alongside lingerie.

Before launching Panache, Power worked as a sales executive for a lingerie firm and realized that very little attention was being given to fuller busted-women who sometimes find it difficult to find the right lingerie and swimwear to fit their body, as they need bras that provide extra support.

Today, Panache is one of the most successful British lingerie manufacturers and exports all over the world, thanks to its website which allows women to purchase lingerie and swimsuits online.

You may find Panache’s stores in the United States, China, [READ MORE]

Phax Swimwear

Colombian women are known for their beauty and charm, but what do they wear and how can we look like them?

Phax Swimwear is a Colombian swimwear manufacturer that boasts of a team of talented fashion designers whose goal is to come up with new hot trends.

The company has its headquarters in Medellin, Colombia, and has over 17 years’ experience designing and selling swimwear not only in Colombia, but also in Japan, Indonesia, Australia, USA, Ecuador, Egypt, Lebanon, Italy and, last but not least, in the U.K.

If you live in the U.S., you may find Phax’s latest collections at The Orchid Boutique, whose swimwear stylists have been collaborating… [READ MORE]

Marzio Fiorini

Marzio Fiorini is a Brazilian designer known for his unique creations. After having spent over a decade experimenting and testing materials in order to develop the perfect rubber texture to make his accessories, he now uses recycled PVC.

PVC is a thermoplastic polymer that can be made softer or harder by treating it with other materials. Marzio Fiorini’s collections, which include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other original jewellery, are extremely versatile in the sense that they can relate to each phase of the day.

There is jewellery which can be worn at work, others which are great for special occasions, free time activities and so forth.

His unique creations… [READ MORE]

RiodeSol® Swimwear

RiodeSol® is sure to embody more than any other brand the true Brazilian spirit, offering swimsuits that enable every woman to wear a “piece of Brazil” whenever she likes.

Established in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, RiodeSol®’s first aim was to expand its market throughout Brazil and France, by exporting its fancy swimsuits.

But things didn’t go exactly like that: in a few years, in fact, RiodeSol® bikinis started to be requested by women from all over the world, who got to know the fabulous collections launched by this brand thanks to the many e commerce websites RiodeSol®’s creators decided to make use of, in order to facilitate the diffusion… [READ MORE]