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L * Space

Sea waves and sun are the elements that have had the most influence on Monica Wise’s creativity and designs, ever since she created L*Space, in 1997.

This edgy and artistic designer has stood out for her unique colour palette, including yellow, orange, green, purple, red and fuchsia. We may also find several playful patterns, but most of them are matched with mono colour pieces.

Thanks to the sexy cut-outs and luminous colours, be sure you will have everybody’s eyes on you at the beach and that’s probably one of the reasons why great celebrities, such as Jessica Alba, Cameron Diaz, Lauren Conrad and Lindsay Lohan, love L*Space and have become… [READ MORE]

Melissa Odabash

After having worked various years for other designers, in 1995 Melissa Odabash decided to launch her own collection, expressing her vision of style and fashion. The result was absolutely amazing, as she soon became every celebrity’s favourite fashion designer.

In occasion of an interview, Melissa declared that she was tired of designing banal and tacky swimsuits that no woman would ever wear. She wanted the simplicity and elegance that feature Italian fashion and, as her first collection was ready, she started to take it around every boutique of Milan, promoting her own style.

Afterwards, the renowned zebra-print bikinis drawn by Melissa, became the best-selling products in the Victoria Secret’s catalogue.… [READ MORE]